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To Everyone On Jigidi

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2 u 2, thanks Lela


Belated greetings from Bonga-Bonga to 'Old Blighty'!........Glad you are enjoying your puzzle creating, and wish you all the best this year......


Thanks, and to you Francine :~)


Happy New Year, Mandy. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2013.


Thank you Kirsten, Octomom and Pat - its been quite a ride, considering that I didn't really begin creating puzzles until mid August... it just goes to show what an old dog actually can do!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and support !! :~)


Happy New Year, she of the fleet fingers! It's been a blast, and I really look forward to more puzzles and comments, especially since you give the rest of us a fighting chance on your own! Just kidding--it really has been fun, and I do wish you the best! :-))


Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!! Happy New Year, Mandy. It's been a delight having you join the Jigidi family.


A happy new year to you too, Mandy! It's been such fun seeing you go from speedy solver and witty commenter, to speedy solver, witty commenter AND glorious puzzle maker!! I look forward to much more in 2013, and on a more personal note wish you and yours, happiness and good health. :)))


I certainly do remember the heat - and there's no relief - I remember taking cold showers to cool off... but I'd be hot again before I was even dry!!! I hope you get a nice nap. I find that annoying noises like air con can be exluded by playing nice noise at the same time... perhaps put your favorite CD on with the sound turned down and you'll not hear the air con... just a thought!!


Been up since 4:15 this new year's morning :-) You well understand the Oz heat then! Too hot to sleep and too noisy to sleep in the air con when it's so quiet and peaceful - an afternoon nap may be on the agenda :-)


In that case you're up very early on new year's day foxy!! I wondered where in the world you were.... I visited Sydney in 2003/4 so I know how hot it can be.... I remember have a barbie on the beach for Christmas Day lunch... it felt very strange!! Thanks for visiting and stopping to say Hi!! :~)


Thank you and a happy new year to you from the seven hours old new year in Oz :-)


Thanks Judy - and to you!!


What a perfect picture to welcome in the New Year. Thanks so much, Mandy. HNY!!!


Thanks gemstone :~)


DITTO (to everyone else's well wishes)!!! :DDD


Thanks Dagmar, I've missed you recently, and hope you've enjoyed whatever you were doing... a holiday perhaps?? I look forward to many more of your wonderful puzzles in 2013 :~)

Thanks whatnauts, and all the best for you too in 2013 :~)


Happy New Year, monza. Let's hope it's a wonderful one :) Wishing you much creativity, as well as health and happiness!!!


The same to you Mandy, thanks for your wonderful puzzles and lovely comments, it has been a pleasure to know you and I'm looking forward to 2013. May your year be full of happiness, fun, friendship and health and see you next year. :))


Thanks Katie, Like you I enjoy seeing how the various countries celebrate the new year, and I just love fireworks!!! See you next year :~)


Hester, you must have been writing your comment while I was replying to Jan's - thanks for your northern warmth!! I look forward to more Jigidi partying next year... with you!! :~)


This is so very festive! I do love seeing all the celebrations worldwide! I wish you all the best for 2013 Mandy! Thank you for all the fun and friendship in the past year and I'm looking forward to more of the same. ~Katie


Jan - the exact same back to you... :~)


Mandy...what they all said!! :-)) I can't say it better so I'll just jump on the bandwagon! Warm wishes from the north. Keep your powder dry and party on!


Thanks Malta - nice to see you've visited, and are currently at the top of the leaderboard!! Well done :~)


Mandy - your puzzles are always a delight! thank you so much for all the pleasure you give us solving your puzzles.
May your new year be filled with fun, friends, family, health and enjoyment in what you do!

Nice puzzle. Best wishes from Malta.


Thank you Michelle, tootierasmuseen, Barb and PJ - it's been a wonderful Jigidi year for me, the first one in which I've actively participated anyway, and I've loved getting to know so many wonderful people like yourselves... here's to the next family and friend fun filled year. Rule Britannia certainly is a catchy tune... now you've got me at it too!!! :~)


Mandy - this is marvelous, elegant and gorgeous. And may you have a wonderful new year. Thank you for all support and for your many fine puzzles.
I'm humming 'Rule, Britannia' too - after seeing the last Prom concert twice on TV...


Wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year, Mandy! Thanks for the lovely puzzle and thanks for all your puzzles throughout the year. Looking forward to many more. :-)


Let us all pray in our own way that the New Year brings us peace, prosperity, health and happiness.


And may all health, happiness and warmth of family and friends be yours in the New Year too, Mandy!

(Now why do I keep humming Rule Britannia right now? Michelle