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Oviedo, Spain cave with archeology team

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Our college-aged grandson is currently participating in an ongoing archeological dig outside of Oviedo, Spain (northern Atlantic coast area) Here's a picture of some of the group -- he's the young man on the right.
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Archeology is fascinating! Paleontology (sp?) is also fascinating! Where I live now there are many dinosaur sites. To include in the area, the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD and several sites that have produced T-Rex along with a lot more. There are also many Historic (meaning relatively modern) in the area.


Cyndi, we consider him very fortunate. After Spain, he'll head to southern Germany to work in another site that has findings that date back about 40,000 years. Then it's back here to U of OK where he's working towards a degree in anthropology and linguistics.

wasicu, it sounds like you can really appreciate all this from a 1st person POV. And I totally agree about finding that bison and unborn calf -- fascinating!

Doing Digs are great fun to do. I did 2 summers at a Dig on Naylor's Point on the Sea Plane Base at Whidbey Island back in the '80's. It was done through Skagit Valley College and U Dub (U of WA). Since then have done some Digs but the most exciting (to me) was up near Buffalo, SD. What was so exciting to me was not finding a bison cow but also her fetal calf in situ. Not 'earth shaking' at all but special to me.


What an experience being able to participate in an ongoing archeological dig. I would love to be able to do that.

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