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Something to celebrate!! please join my party!! everyone is invited.

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As some of you may know, on Tuesday late afternoon I found a substantial cheque in the mail. I had no idea it was coming, and it could not have come at a more opportune time, because after Sept 1st bills were paid I was going to be in a bit of a squeeze for a while, not indefinitely, but it was causing me a great deal of stress and literally sleepless nights and anxiety.

I've been having a little disagreement with Canada Revenue for maybe 18 years... they refused to see the truth when placed right in front of them.

I'd given up all hope of ever seeing the money owed me, and because of the first screw-up, every year's tax refund (there has always been a refund) has been withheld.

So it's not enough to buy a car or anything, but it IS enough to get me through this tight spot right now. When, with trepidation, I opened the envelope, expecting more "We're setting the dogs after you, you terrible person!" collection agency type stuff (yeah, they had it back to front, that I owed THEM money), the shock and surprise of this all finally being over - right when I needed the cash - had me in tears.

So. I want to pour some virtual champers for my e-friends! Which, I guess, we could do any time, since it's virtual.... It's just that this week, there happens to be an actual reason to raise a glass and be happy that good things can and do happen to good people :)

Such relief.... !! Thank you, universe!! So grateful.
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Sorry, didn't realize I put an l after your name. My fingers jump all over the place when I am typing and it is probably from my MS. When typing I spend more time making corrections that it actually takes to type the message. Please forgive my fingers and will try too do better proofreading from now on. Jeri

Mazyl I miss you and your puzzles. Am praying and hoping you are well and weren't affected by the Covid-19 virus. I understand why you left but am hoping you will some day be back with us here. Wishing you nothing but the best. God bless and keep you safe. Love, Jeri


Thanks Jeri, I am with you re what mood I'm in = the kind of puzzle I like. I don't try to make the leaderboard, I just aim to enjoy the puzzle!

I hope you're having a good afternoon /evening :)

With me it all depends on several things (and not always in the same order): How I'm feeling that day and at that particular time (thinking about it, I guess this one is always 1st - understandably); The picture and it's design and color - I don't like a picture that is too dark; and ,of course the number of pieces. The number of pieces is definitely according to how I feel and how much I like the picture and really want to do it. Sometimes I even bookmark the really big puzzles - over 325 and save them for later because I do like ding the bigger ones sometimes. I used to always try to get on the leaderboard and would be disappointed if I didn't make it. But as I became older and my MS advanced I decided i doesn't really matter how fast I do them but did I enjoy doing them. Now, it doesn't happen often but every once in a great while I surprise myself and do make it onto the leaderboard. I used to be off by only a small amount of time but now I a usually way behind others who do make it onto the board and that's ok. I have a few favorite puzzle makers, oh, I do others but I focus mostly on my favorites. Have a wonderful evening and a fantastic day tomorrow!!!Jeri


80 is about as big as my little touch-screen laptop can handle - if it's a rally beautiful image with lots of difference in colour, I will do up to 120 but that's the limit for me. anything under 45 is too quick for me! We all have our preferences, eh?

Yes, Mazy, I saw the little puzzle first but when I saw this one I wanted to do it because it was more of a challenge.


Thanks, Jeri. You've hit the nail on the head with it being 'a bit of a breather'.

I've posted a little more in the comments on the smaller version of this puzzle

Mazy; I am so happy for your win against your government - it's too bad that they try to take and keep what is not their's. Your government isn't the only one who pulls stuff like this. They know that most people will back away and stop "fighting" for what is rightfully theirs. We even have stores over here that do the same thing. As the Bible says, The love of money is the root of all evil. Also, you thanked the universe for your refund. Your in the right direction but the Creator of that universe that brought that to you. If it wasn't for Him there would be no universe at all. (I didn't , make this comment to start any heavy discussion or a massive disagreement but I did it cuz we all need to know it is He that has given us all that we have). I am so happy for you as you have a breather for a bit. Have a great day!!! Jeri

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