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Paper Stars - medium

81 pieces
321 solves
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I'm so sorry I missed your comments earlier, Kirsten, Kathy and Gail. Thanks so much, do appreciate all your kind words. :-)


This is great!


Another fine and fun puzzle. Thank you Barb!!!


I LOVE this one too, Barb!! The clarity of the images is terrific, and so is the texture that has come through, and the colours. Thanks so much!! :)))


Thanks, Edie. My brother was very good at making origami flowers and animals. I was able to do a few but not like he did.
Yes, that wind is a bitter one today. Was so glad to get home this afternoon and right now I'm enjoying a hot cup of tea. :-) Stay warm!


Ooohhh, I love these Barb. Even used to know how to make them. Took an origami class years ago and learned some of the basics. Right now everything looks like **** flakes. It's been doing that off and on here for the whole day and the wind is bitterly cold. Still a wind chill of -12 here. You picked really nice colours for these. Thank you


Thanks, Willy, glad you have fun solving this puzzle. :-)


I have fun with these Barb, fine puzzle,


Glad you like the colours I chose, Ardy. I didn't think the pink and purple were that much alike but I haven't tried solving yet so maybe I'll find they are more similar than I realized.
Very cold out today, bitter wind and we had some blowing snow as well but fortunately, it didn't stick around and didn't last long.
I'll be looking forward to more holiday puzzles from you in the morning. :-)


Very nice paper stars, Barb. Like the colors too even though I wasn't always sure which piece went with which color. The pink and the bottom row purple are very nice. Thank you.

How was your afternoon? I have been doing a washing and getting puzzles ready for tomorrow. The dryer just shut off but the washing machine load isn't ready yet. Guess I'll check on the dryer before going on to the bigger one.