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Midi Sparklers

63 pieces
240 solves
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That's really good to hear, thanks Kathy :~)


This one gave me a good run for the money LOL I am so glad that they don't show the times for everyone LOL Enjoyed every second of it though!!!!!! Thanks so much Mandy :-))))))))


Magda, I am not angry with you, and neither is Wendy... I'm sorry you thought there was a problem, and I am more than happy to act as a messenger!!!


I passed your comment to Wendy Magda - here is her reply:

"Oh, NO! Magda TOTALLY misunderstood what I was trying to say to her. My anger had NOTHING to do with her. I think Magda is a wonderful lady.
I feel awful now. Oh geeeeez. I really don't know what to say. Please just tell her that I REALLY, REALLY like her a lot."


It actually got into the 70s today (Friday). It's hard to believe the nightmare drive I had home from Minneapolis on Monday night in driving snow and sleet!


Thanks to you to Magda... it's a shame you've decided that, but I understand. I'll still look out for your lovely puzzles :~))


Mandy, I have decided not to comment so much any more, because of the unfortunate misunderstanding with Wendy. Although the chats were half the fun, I think I better keep my big mouth shut. Sorry about all that. I will be around in any case. Thanks Mandy for the good time we had, and to Wendy also, even if she misunderstood my intentions.


Edie - I passed on your message... here is the reply:
Please tell Edie that I miss her too, and that I'll be just fine (in those words)- "just fine" and so will she. She's a lovely lady.


Edie - Here is Wendy's response:
Please tell Edie that I miss her too, and that I'll be just fine (in those words)- "just fine" and so will she. She's a lovely lady.


Horray... things have to get warmer soon, and when the wind drops it will be even better.


Yipee! The temp is now 52! I think that's the warmest it's been since last fall. But there's still a brisk wind.


Are you going to create the LGFC then mariasha?? LOL - I'm so pleased you liked the background on this!

You have to thank Edie for the posting in this size, I messed up my posting schedule yesterday accidentally so this one would have gone into my holding bay otherwise Kirsten!

Thanks Magda, I'm glad it made you think of spring!

Thanks Edie, I'll pass on your message to Wendy - I'm glad you liked this size :~)

Hopefully your coming days will be warmer Gail... ours seem to be getting better recently!


Such nice spring colors for my cold windy day, Mandy. Thank you:)


Loved this size and this puzzle. The sparklers reminded me of Wendy's flowers. Please tell her that I miss her and think about her a lot and hope that she is well. Thanks Mandy


Very nice and springlike mandy Thank you.


LOVE this one, Mandy! The kaleidos, and the background colour and texture are terrific!! Thanks so much. :)))

And am really glad you posted it in this size. I had bookmarked the 12 piecer, and whilst I'm into the littlies now, that was just a tad too microscopic! LOL

I'm a lime green kinda' girl, so I loved the background on this one. thanks for the fun.