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Navajo Sand Painting


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Glad to meet you, Annie (may I call you that?) We are like-minded. As to size, I also look for larger puzzles and post the largest size possible (along with smaller versions, for other tastes and needs). Often it's not possible to find images with the requisite pixels for bigger puzzles, though.

I see some great images on your page too, which I would have missed if they were not posted in the Art category. I'm going follow your posts from now on so I don't miss any more. ~Judy


Don't know how I missed your puzzles, though it might relate to size because I usually search for larger size puzzles to work. Just took a look at your page and found many, many interesting puzzles to work.

Several years ago I became aware that there were very few puzzles featuring African Americans, and I put up a great number historical and contemporary works by and about them.

Glad to have made your acquaintance and will be following as well as checking out your older creations.

Wonderful! Thanks for posting, pepperboy1.
Annie17241, I regularly post works by Native American artists, along with other indigenous artists of the Americas, also African-American artwork. These are all authentic, but not necessarily 100% traditional, which is perhaps what you are referring to.


What a beautiful Navajo sand painting. Love it!


Very nice. Haven't seen much authentic Native American art here.

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