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Christmas with mouse

81 pieces
249 solves
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good morning Karen, Jan and Mary thank you, so glad you are enjoying this mini series, merry Christmas to all


Good Morning, June;;;;Middle far right......stars looking down where He glad He came....let's celebrate:- ring the bells, decorate the tree, enjoy family together.


This is a wonderful puzzle and it was a lot of fun to solve. I LOVE the little characters in the center. Especially the top row, center. thanks so much, June!


Ah, what a lovely Christmas puzzle! The colours and images are so lovely and vibrant - makes a wonderful puzzle to complete. Thank you June - and Happy Christmas!


Hi Joyce thank you. so we both had a nice lunch and I have just had a sandwich


Absolutely fantastic Christmas designs. I love how the mouse is belting out the carols!! Many thanks June!! :)))
(time, 5:15)
Your lunch sounds so good!! I had left over fried clams and french fries (chips) for lunch!! Soooo goooood!!


Hi All, just got in from lunch and shopping, hurray. glad you had fun while I was away. I had a hot turkey baguette with gravy and Karl had rump steak, nice


They are SO SWEET!! Thanks so very much June!!


Wonderful puzzle June, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mouse should go on Britain has talent!!! Thanks.


Hi June, Mouse is certainly singing a joyous song. And Rudolph is so surprised that someone decided to decorate him for the holiday. I'm thoroughly enjoying your Christmas designs - thanks!


I expecially like the baby Jesus square, although I like them all. I like the muted colors a lot. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle.


Hi June. I have one more performance with the bells so I need the bottom right. I love poinsettias which leads me to the top right. Candles are always important for festive occasions. Maybe Barb will share. But I love the Baby in the manger. That's my first choice now and always. Thanks, June. I'm really enjoying your Christmas collections.


Hi Gail, oh no. Let's hope he is more effective than KBoy


Santa is acting more like Kaleidoboy than Santa with his parachute! Super-terrific-great-splendid puzzle, June.


Hi Barb thank you, santa is for me, just love that purple


Another lovely Christmas puzzle, June. I like the elegance of the candle image today. :-)