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February 2018

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From Subtle Shades of Nature calendar. Have fun, Dave
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  1. evina561:00
  2. inny1:15
  3. emilym1:17
  4. Dclo1:24
  5. PaxLab1:25
  6. humminbirdlvr1:29
  7. Suebeth1:35
  8. mapletree1:36
  9. jals1:38
  10. jennylmoon1:43


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Awwww,,, You both are a couple of Tweeties to put my mind at ease ☺♥


A lil birdie just told me to tell you "tell Mac I'm fine". There you have it Mac. The lil birdie is fine, D


It is snowing outside my window now....Poor little birdie ♥


Thanks everyone, Dave


What a lovely puzzle...Thank you...


Good for you, Dave.☼


This is what our poor birdies look like right now. We had some 3-4 foot drifts in our driveway. Then Hubby tells me we could get more snow yet this week and the temps are going to stay down. At this rate, I'm going to have me another Christmas. :-)
yay for the barn work! :-))


Very nice! Hope this little bird can find some shelter!
Glad to hear that you got a "big steady" project!
Dusty : )


Thanks pasta. Started a full size barn this past week. Love the big steady work jobs. Have good week too, D


Great puzzle, and calendar. Thanks, enjoy your week.☼☼

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