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Another surprise visitor: Yellow Warbler

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This week on several occasions I've noticed a yellow bird, with no prominent markings, flitting through my apple trees and lilacs. I haven't had camera or binoculars during these visits, so I have to go on visual observations, and I can't think what it would be other than a yellow warbler. It feeds like a warbler - flitting from branch to branch looking for insects, and doesn't have the dark wings of a Goldfinch, so I think it must be a Yellow Warbler.

I associate them with pond edges and marsh, like the Red-Winged Blackbird, so it's a surprise to dee them this far from the marsh. On the other hand, I have a pair of RWB up here, coming to my feeders regularly. Maybe they nested in the area (they're listed as commonly seen at roadsides), or maybe the young have hatched and they're spreading out to feed in different areas - the marsh isn't all that far off. I know that I've seen one adult and one juvenile Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk) moving into my neighborhood in Cambridge around July 4th, which I assumed was dispersion to new territory to be able to feed two adult-sized birds.

However, they're difficult to photograph, and I have only this one decent picture, so I'm reposting it.

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That is a beautiful bird and a lovely photo, Don.


Wow, he is gorgeous! So bright!


I don't see them here that often either Don. We do have a swamp down the hill and through the woods from here. The redwings are here daily, both male and female, which is unheard of at this time of year when there should be plenty to eat near the swamp. But of the warbler there is no sign. The only place here I see them is by a larger swamp where the bike path is. It's too heavily used for me to feel like I want to risk it in this CV19 year, so I'm happy to learn they're likely to still be around these parts as well as your parts. Thanks for this beauty!

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