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59 Baritz

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  1. beny053:58
  2. krbyb5:14
  3. wobby5:19
  4. enddump5:29
  5. gaiagirl5:43
  6. ptv83475:46
  7. osersan6:09
  8. dbuchanan6:20
  9. Biscuit16:38
  10. Tomknut6:53


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Bubble, right, The top view is the original car and the bottom picture is with extended fins photo shopped in for consideration of possible body work in the future?


Something didn't ring true when I saw this car, it just looks too long and with add ons
but as I have no technical know how I'll leave it to the experts.
Can you imagine driving this down a busy street !! Thanks Jim.


I believe it has been photo shopped. The fins and tail lights on the lower one are not the same scale as the top one. Like 10 percent oversized... would be impossible to find tail lights that are slightly larger than stock.
And, I have seen the same cars that have different plates when sold... I have Tucker pictures with different plates on the same ser no. when they are sold and the plates are changed.
but this is unreal. Someone touched it up. Probably just to satisfy their imagination. Actually I like the one with the fins going all the way back on both sides of the Continental kit. It looks more fitting.

Different plates on them too. Not the same car.

keen eye you two, also the landau top is a different color


Absolutely, Pat - different license plates too!


???? Look at both pictures close. They are different... photo shopped pictures? Is it before and after? The car at the top pic has the fins stopping at the end of the trunk, and the lower pic has the fins extending past the trunk to the end of the continental kit. It appears to be the same custom car, but not real. sorry can't be fooled.


The extended fins on the bottom pic are huge. I agree, ptv8347 that the fins & continental kit are over the top!


Cadillac Biarritz 1959

I use to think battleships were large .Must be a ripper around tight bends.

Anyone else think the continental kit is maybe a bit to much??


Wow! What a car :-)

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