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My dearest Mamacita',
These flowers are for you, my good friend! You are in our daily thoughts and prayers! Know that you are so very loved by many! Wish I could be there with you to hold your hand, to get on the nurses when they don't get your med's to you on time! To read to you til you fall asleep, and tell you fun stories to keep your mind occupied. To tell you just how much you really mean to me, and how much I miss you already! You've been a really great friend to me this past year, my rock in tough times! Thank you for taking me under your wing, and for caring so much about me, for being my friend! I will miss you calling me your 'Little Chica' I really loved that you know! It always gave me a big smile and made me feel so good inside! I will never forget you, dearest Ann! God bless you!
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Hi Monica, I still miss you.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hugs, Ank.


Tomorrow is your birthday, I will make you a card but am afraid you will never see it. Still I hope you do. Monica we all miss you. I hope you are okay. Hugs.


Monica where are you? We miss you.

Hello Monica....I hope you are alright. I am missing you on jigidi.
Please stop in to say Hi ! to us, so we know you are OK.
Sending Blessings to you, dear. Hugs, Janine :-)))


Hi Monica! Missing you! ♥


Missing you on Jigidi Monica.


Just wondering about you. ☺❤☺


I want to wish you and Gary a very happy and blessed Christmas. Hope all your renovations were completed in time and that you have found some relief for the pain. You remain in my daily prayers. Blessings on you and yours.


I've missed you on Jigidi Monica - hope you are well! Just dropped in to wish you, Gary & your family ( including the cats!) a very Merry Christmas & all the best for the New Year!!! Cheers!!♥♥

My Dear Monica,
In hopes that you will read this at some time, I pray that you are alright. I'm so sorry for
your loss and I do understand. Stay well and safe, and God Bless you dear.
Hugs, Janine.


Thank you Faye, Patricia and Michelle for your heartfelt condolences, I know that Ann was loved by so many people here on jigidi! I miss her so much I can hardly stand the pain of loosing her, she was more than just a friend to me, she was like my mother! But I thank God that she is out of her pain and suffering and is finally free and happy and in Gods loving embrace. May God bless you, my good friends. Many big hugs, Monica.


I was so very sorry to hear about Ann's passing and wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts too. Bless you and take care, Michelle


so sorry to hear this, Monica. It is so very sad to lose a loved one. Especially when they are so special. I will be on facebook now should you want to chat..God bless


So sorry, Monica. Hugs, Faye


Hi Ardy, Thank you so very much for your condolences, that's so sweet of you dear! My heart is so full of pain and heartache that I can barely breathe! I will miss my dear Mamacita' so terribly but she is out of pain and is now with God, so at the same time I am relieved for her! God bless and many big hugs to you dearest Ardy. Take care!


Monica, dear. The message just came through from Hanne that Ann passed away this evening. Sunday, Nov.10. I'm so sorry. Love, Ardy


Hey Michelle, will do! :D


Dearest Puzzaddled2 (Michelle) I tried going to the link that you gave to me but it didn't work for me, I tried it twice but each time it came back saying there was no such link! Could you do me a favor and check the link that you gave me and see if it's the right one after all? I'd really appreciate it, thanks so much for your help in this Sweety! Lots of big hugs! xxx :-)))


All2One- Thanks so very much for trying to help me with this but Hanne has given me her e-mail, thank goodness, and we've been doing it that way instead! It's just so much simpler this way! But, I will definitely be trying all of these different methods for other stuff really soon because it gives me a challenge to look forward to. I'm trying so hard to learn my computer and understand it better. Once again, I thank you Vivre, you are too kind! :-)))

Puzzaddled2- Hello there Michelle, thank you very much for the link, I will try it out and see if I can understand and work with it! I wish that I could understand even half of what everyone is telling me that I should do to create links, but I don't! :( But, I do promise that I won't give up until I do learn how to do this. Thanks so much my friend! Big hugs! xxx

Adriana- Hi there Sweety! How have you been these past few days? Hanne made sure to copy these roses and my message too and sent them to our dearest Ann. Also with a whole bunch of other pics of flowers with messages that I e-mailed to her to give to my poor Mamacita'. How I miss her truly, she's not even gone yet and I miss her so much already! Life just won't be the same without her Adriana! :( I'm trying so hard to understand everyone's instructions on how to open up links but so far I'm not getting anywhere. It's all foreign to me! Big hugs dear! xxx


Hello dear monica So nice that we cam stil learn here on jigidi.
You havde posted beatyful roses for Mamacita, she will love them.


Hi Monica, this drag method might not work on your pc (setting) or browser.
The idea is to copy the link. So if you have highlighted the URL you could right-click while the mouse still hovers over it. Then in the apearing contextmenu you would choose 'copy'. Then you can 'paste' this copied link into the open comment, again using the right-click contextmenu (or in any textfile or again in an empty addressfield ...).
The same process can be done with shortcuts as well: push the keys: 'control+c' when something is marked (highlighted) .... and at the target place (e.g. in the commentbox) you would push the keys 'control+v' to paste the copied info in.
~ good success ~ greets Vivre


Hello there dear Faye, I tried to send my message and pic to Hanne's profile but couldn't get past the part where you said to highlight the "http" address and drag it to the side of my screen! I highlighted it but when I tried to drag it nothing happened, it didn't move! So, I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or if I'm not understanding what exactly you mean! I'm going to try it again and see if I can get it to work but in the meantime maybe you can explain it in a different way to me? Please? Thanks for all of your help in this matter, I hate that I don't know much about computers at all but I am trying! I promise! LOL


My dearest Elfie, thank you so much for your help, I will definitely give it a try. I always love learning how to do new things on my computer! I too have learned a lot from my jigidi friends. I need to know how to get a hold of Ann so that I may talk with her on the phone, do you know what hospital she is in?


Thanks so much puzzaddled2, I'm not sure but are you also puzzadled (Michelle)? I didn't know if there were two different puzzadled's on jigidi or not.


Just use the mail Monica, you are SO welcome, but it's a good thing to be able to move pictures so when you feel like playing with it try - if only just for fun!! If you knew what my jigidi friends have taught me while I've been a member here!! Well, now I sound like the old teacher that I really am! Sorry dear - you are a sweetheart!!


Monica, what thoughtful and caring words. Bless you too.


Dearest Elfie, I have left a message for you on your latest pic on your profile about Ann. Also, I have written down your email so you can delete it now if you wish, thank you once again for your help! Big hugs dear!


Hey there Patricia, thank you so much! Ann is very special to me, I'm just so sad to hear that she's given up the fight against this! I will miss her terribly! Like I said before, she has been like a mother to me! I will miss her calling me her Little Chica!


Hello dear Faye, thank you so much for the info. I sure hope I can do this by your instructions as I'm not very computer savvy! I will definitely give it a try though, thanks so much my good friend!..Big hugs!


Beautiful picture but more so such beautiful words Monica. She will be so happy to see this.


Monica...I read your comment about not knowing how to post your pictures on Hanne's puzzle:

Create your puzzle.
Add the title and description like you usually do.
Click "Save" (Do NOT click "Publish" if you do not want it on the jigidi public site.)
Go to the top of the page and highlight the "http..." address.
Drag that address to the side of your screen.
Open Hanne's puzzle. Open the "Comment" box.
Drag your "http..." address into the comment box. Add whatever other info you want to for Hanna and hit "Post".

Hugs, Faye
(Hope this works for you.) :)))


Thank you very much for sending my pic and message to Ann, she is very special to me and I miss her so terribly!


I've copied your message and your picture and both will be sent for Ann at the hospital where she is. I send all messages and pictures that are written on my profiles AND what my good friends find on other sites to her sweet neighbour who takes it all with her when she visits Ann. So you see, Ann isn't able to work with computers herself and she hasn't got any where she is. So thanks so All2One I had your message and picture too!! Thanks so very much!!

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