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Edible? Perhaps Once

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330 pieces
10 solves
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  1. unknownuser1:33:48
  2. julierm1:35:45
  3. KonikPolny2:57:14
  4. martycornell3:42:14


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According to the Wikipedia: "Fomitopsis betulina (previously Piptoporus betulinus), commonly known as the birch polypore, birch bracket, or razor strop, is a common bracket fungus and, as the name suggests, grows almost exclusively on birch trees. The brackets burst out from the bark of the tree, and these fruit bodies can last for more than a year. Technically, it is an edible mushroom, with a strong, pleasant "mushroomy" odor but a bitter taste. The velvety cut surface of the fruit body was traditionally used as a strop for finishing the edges on razors, and also as a mounting material for insect collections".

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