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Happy Easter to My Jigidi Friends!

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I won't be here for Easter, so I am wishing you Happy Easter now!
See you in a couple of weeks! Jan


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Missed this one, Jan! What fun eggs! (hmmm...those gold ones look tempting! Jack, Jack? Where are you?)

Hope that you and your sweetie enjoyed a lovely Easter!

What a wonderful collection of eggs, Jan; tomorrow I'm going to show 2 of my grandsons ages 4 and 6 years how to dye Easter eggs . . . they've never done it before . . . what fun !!!
Happy Easter & Happy Anniversary down in the warmth, take lots of photos!


Jan, As I was doing this I was thinking of you in Dallas. Tomorrow it's on to Jamaica. I woke up to snow this morning but still didn't need the shovel as it didn't stay on paved areas. It's cold though. Jamaica sounds pretty good.

Back in the 1970's, I went 3 times, and loved it each time. I learned to Reggae there.
It is a perfect place to have an Happy Anniversary....have fun....hugs, Janine.


Thankyou for an egg-ceptionally nice puzzle! Bon Voyage!! :-))


Thanks so much, Kirsten! We'll raise a glass to all of you!! :D


Happy Easter and happy anniversary Jan! I hope you and hubby have a terrific time in Jamaica. :))))


Thanks so much to everyone! We are heading out tomorrow and will be in Jamaica. Warm weather here we come!!! See you later and will miss you all. No computers allowed on this trip! :DDD


Happy everything and thanks. :))


Happy Anniversary, Jan...have fun! Extra snuggles to Maggie. And Happy Easter! :)))


This is going into bookmarks. So I can enjoy something from you while you are off having a wonderful, relaxing time. Happy Easter. Happy Anniversary. Happy Everything to you and hubby. Poor Maggie will miss you too.

HAPPY EASTER.....dear Jan.....Hope it's a great. Thank you.....Janine.


Thanks. Happy Easter to you too. Where are you going? Wherever it is, I hope you have a great time x


Susan and I will miss you, too, Jan! Have a wonderful time!


Heidi, I will miss you all, too! First time without a computer and Jigidi in 15 months! WOW!
(I hope you are feeling better)


Bon Voyage, Jan. Have a great trip. We'll miss you.