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The Walkway

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Park & Tilford Gardens
North Vancouver
Feb 2, 2013


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Hi Jim. Yes, we do the best we can, with what we have, where we are!! ( quotation from JFK - I think?)

Thank you Ank. I'm glad you like the picture. And you're right. I think these gardens are always beautiful. I was just joking!

Hi madhat. Thank you for the link. Their pictures are much better than mine.



Sorry Cathy, but I don't think it's dull. This is a lovely picture. And I think you know it. This walkway is beautiful, look there above, the plants are growing through. No dear NOT dull.


Cathy, we take pictures of whatever we can in February!


Hi Jim. Yes, it is very beautiful in the spring, summer and autumn. And in December there is a lovely display of lights. The only time it is rather dull is ... February.


Beautiful, Cathy! I looked up the Park and Tilford Gardens and it seems like a beautiful place to visit! Your parks department has pages and pages of beautiful flowers AND I even saw pictures of a Christmas light display! Another photo op if the weather cooperates in December.