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Visit From A Friend

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My photographer friend, former colleague, bell ringer, travel companion - Yoyo.
Less than a month ago Yoyo was called home as her Mother had taken very ill. Yoyo got home in time to spend a few days with her Mom before her Mom died. It had been a sad and hard time for the family. I was so glad she wanted to come by and chat. That day was her birthday. She left last Friday to go to her home in California.
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Thanks, Pam.


So glad you were able to have a visit with Yoyo, Ardy. ☺︎
My condolences to her on the passing of her mother. ♥︎


Thank you, Voronica. She arrived home safely. She sent me a text when she had landed in CA.

Thank you, Shirley. You would enjoy her. I know I do. ♥

Thanks, Suzy. You remembered her email name. Good memory. It was so sudden and unexpected. Her Mom was principal of our "rival" school the last few years before she retired. I remember her as a friendly, calm person and very comfortable to be around. It was good to be with Yoyo where we sat and talked. ♥♥♥


A visit from Yoyo Smiles (yes, she does!).
How healing her visit must have been for both of you. Yoyo-able to have your support at a difficult time, and you-having a dear friend come to visit after a long year.



I love seeing Yoyo, and her beautiful smile, so sad she has lost her mum, glad she could spend her Birthday visiting with you, Ardy. and that she has safe travelling to her home in California.


Visiting with friends always seems to life our spirits. My condolences to Yoyo and her family, pray she had safe travel. Thanks for sharing her smile . . .*U*


Thanks AB. I don't know how she does it but that smile is always there.


What a smile.
What an absolute to tonic to see that lovely smile
So sad to hear about her Mom I'm sure she will be sorely missed, but so pleased she was able to spend time with her.


What a beautiful, infectious smile Yoyo has ☺☺ So sorry to hear about her mom passing. Thank you for sharing your friend, Ardy. Hugs ☺♥


I'm so glad Yoyo made it in time to be with her mother...but you must have cheered her up, Ardy...she's still smiling that beautiful smile! Wonderful that you both had time together.


A happy face thru sorrow❣️ Glad you got to visit before her return❣️
Hugs Ardy❣️🌸❣️


Thank you Jacki, Donna, Pat, Sandi and Francine. I'll link her to this tomorrow.

It was good to see her. It's going to be a hard time for them all. I did not go to the memorial service but did see it on the computer as it was live streamed.


Bittersweet time. ♥


How wonderful you two got to visit. So sorry for the loss of her mother.


Re: "Queens are born in July." I could not agree more.

I also know little queens in the making born in March, August, December and myself in May, with a potentIal King in April.


Beautiful photo .. So sorry to hear about her mom ..


What a sad time. I am so glad she made it home in time and had such a great friendship with you.


My condolences to you, Yoyo, it's good to "see" you. Thank you Ardy, and glad you had an opportunity to see her. hugs

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