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Lunch with Sam ❤️

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Can I have one? Of course he got one! Or two? Or more? Can't remember. It was fish and he loved it!
He was on prednison then (April 2014) and his coat shedded almost completely. Luckily he could stop taking the prednison, it was only for a short while and his coat came back, more beautiful than ever :))

Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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Lol! Especially that fish Artola!! :))))


Look at that beautiful boy! Lovin' on you and that fish in your hand! :o))


Thank you LinJon! I'm very happy you like Sam and Ollie and 'discovered' the puzzles of them! Will read all you comments! Hope to see you again. Hope you get to enjoy your dogs for a long time to come! Please give them some cuddles from me! Take care, till next time :))))

Beautiful dog ❤️❤️ I ❤️❤️ him❤️❤️ Just like I love & adore my dogs❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾


Hi Artola, nice to see you again. Happy you like the puzzle. It's one of my favorites. So endearing Sam looks to me in this picture. He was a sweetheart. Take care :)))


A snack for a very good boy! :o))


I agree Pascha! His eyes were very special. Such a sweet dog he was... :)))


Sammy had such beautiful soft eyes!

Thank you for your kind comment :-))


Hi Marunka! Good to see you again! Happy you enjoyed the puzzle! Take care, stay safe and well! Big hug :))))



That is it Merrie, some are etched into our heart! This one definately was! And yours with Chester too. And you are so right, I am thankful for having Sam for such a long time in my life. Sometimes, all of a sudden, you feel that loss again terribly.
When Sam passed away a very kind lady posted a story on one of my puzzles and it comforted me very much and I still read it once in a while, even now. It is beautiful. If you are interested to read it, here is the link to that puzzle. Scroll down a bit to ArtemisTwo in the comments:
It was really nice talking to you. Hope to see you again! :))))

Hugs back at you, Yvonne. My Chester passed 20 yrs ago, and , yes, I still miss him terribly sometimes. Some animal/people relationships are just etched into our hearts. I am thankful that I had such a wonderful companion and I am sure you are also.


Hello Merrie, nice to see you! Thank you for your sweet comment, sharing with me. I do miss his sweet face, the looks he gave me. You will know, because of your Chester. I'm sorry you lost him too. Wish they could stay with us for a lifetime. It's been 6 and a half years now but it feels much more recent. Take care, stay safe and well. Sending a big hug :))))


I do still miss him Ardy. I love the expression in his eyes and on his face. Still can't get enough of him and go through his pictures a lot. It was a nasty time when he had that prednisone. Sam never cared much for food but when he was on that medication he ate all he could, even what he found lying in the streets. Gave me a scare lots of times! I was so glad when he was off those pills!
Glad you don't need them anymore! Much better without! Big hug for you too. Take care. 💖

That look caught me, brought tears. Can relate to missing such a sweet BC was named Chester. So sorry for your loss.


Those eyes - they speak volumes of love when they look at you. Prednisone does make one hungry. I've been on a couple of times for 6 days. Can't remember why now. Sam had a beautiful soul. I know you miss him so much. Hugs dear friend. 💖


Such a sweetie he was. Didn't care much for food. But he did when he was on this medication! :))))


And ❤️ with Sam! 😊❤️😊

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