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Robinson Sawmill

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Built in 1803 in Calais, Vermont
More information on the mill at this link
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Well said Lunie!
It is very generous of them to keep it open to the public. I just hope that privilege is respected by the public.
You're welcome Cathy:-)
I'm pleased you went by for a peek Jacki.


i went and peaked beekay. very pretty. a little out of my comfort zone, though, and it's close to bed time for me. thanks.


Wow!! That's a great old mill. Thanks for the photo ... and the link. : ))


Fabulous old building thanks BK and how wonderful that it's a working museum now.
Hugs ♥


I salute the descendants for reviving the mill, it's another living history they could be proud of.


It is a long time and can still function Gracie!
I thought it was interesting too. A lot of water and some Yankee ingenuity hard at work Ardy.
And hopefully a lot longer too Lyndee.
This view shows the working parts of the mill Jacki. I have other photos I'll post at some is on BeeKay2 tonight of the dam.
And it's open 24/7 and free to visitors smllpkg.


Nice his descendants have kept it up.


beautiful old building. thank you beekay.


This managed to stay standing a really long time.


Interesting reading, BeeKay. Thank you.


Hard to believe this is over 200 years, I wonder what kind of wood is that.


It can and does work since renovations but they don't run it much. There is a reason it is nicknamed the thunderstorm mill. There is a great link above with lots of info if you're interested Lunie.


Thanks Beekay for this very informative photo. Still operational?


Floyd, you might like to look at the link I have listed above. Not only is there some good information about the mill but you'll also find a collection of great photos showing the mill in operation.
The descendants of the original owner has restored the mill and keeps it open to the public as a museum. It's a wonderful, working piece of history Ardy.
Nice of you to stop by Jo. Thank you for the sweet comment too♥


Nice to see it still looking great for its age.
When I saw that open saw blade that reminded me
of sawing wood without any protection from a dangerous blade.


Over 200 years old. They sure built things better back then and without all the modern equipment there is now. Thanks BeeKay.


Lovely to see it still standing!! You've done a nice job of picture taking!! Thank you! :)

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