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twoclubs with menu

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I missed a Meet Up with my Owly friends but they placed me at the head of the table!
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  1. like921150:14
  2. Ianto0:20
  3. marunka2770:21
  4. Tidewater0:22
  5. debdaz0:23
  6. ReZn4200:23
  7. jacquescamus0:24
  8. stephen0:24
  9. Spitzzer0:25
  10. wjl10150:26


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The long awaited Azalea War, will take place May 24-May 26. Entrants should notify pumpkinhead of their interest in submitting photos. Each entrant will be allowed 4 entries. Everyone on the site will be given 4 votes, which they can use in any way they wish. Simply post your vote on the azalea puzzle you like, and it will be recorded. The one with the most votes will be the Azalea War Winner for 2013.
If you have questions, please submit them to pumpkinhead. Thanks for your interest!


Hi TC, I left a message on my puzzle. Thanks so much for the call, Jenny enjoyed talking with you. I won't be on as much, my feet swell up when I sit and since being sick and off the computer they are doing well. See you soon.






Googs can I stand on the table? Just asking!!
Haley - some of us are chat friends who follow birds and owls in particular. Over the past 3 years we have had meet ups with each other, little get-togethers of 5-20 people or picnics of over 300 people. This was the occasion of one such meet up which I was wanting to go to but couldn't.


Really tough to do puzzles when you don't see the picture first!! Next time it will be a picture of you in the flesh, but no sitting on the table!



What a cool thing for them to do!!! ....and so clever!

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