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The Red bellied Woodpecker likes the suets..

I found this Quail taking a nap on the patio while it’s family waited patently close by..
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  1. dobrajaneckova0:19
  2. Ianto0:21
  3. era40:22
  4. truncatellina0:24
  5. alias2v0:28
  6. Kubula0:31
  7. eselerwin0:32
  8. jen70:33
  9. Kossamu0:35
  10. valt460:35


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Val, I’m just catching up with comments, sorry it took so long and you know the reason❣️ Thanks for liking my birds visiting😊 Hugs dear friend❣️🤗❣️


Eva thank you I do love when you share photos from your court yard Hugs my friend ♥♥♥


Janet, You have seen so much during your travels and I hope one day you can travel again😺 The quail are chatterboxes, you truly know when they are arriving❣️ Thanks Janet and Hugs my friend❣️🎄❣️


Dobra, Thanks 😺 I like the verity of birds visiting and that they just fall asleep on the patio..I think this is a youngster and it’s family we’re very close by waiting❣️ You are most welcome❣️🎄❣️


Ardy, indeed it’s a red bellied woodpecker and he stopped by at breakfast and had some suet right outside the dining room window and I took lots of pictures of him😺
All quail have the antenna on their heads..the adults are larger..and they come in a group or family to visit..Thanks Ardy..Hugs my friend❣️🎄❣️


Thanks Eva, we saw some Californian Quails on our very first visit. So cute with that long feather on their heads. Hugs ♥♥


Wonderful catches Eva! Thank you!


I think that's a red bellied woodpecker on top. The quail looks like it has a stick coming out of its forehead. Fun to see the birds. Thanks. Which reminds me that I need to go check on the feeder. Hugs dear friend💖💖

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