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A small, log cabin in the woods . .

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It’s not a home, our park built a few structures for the purpose of outdoor classrooms for school kids. They teach them about Tennessee history :)
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Cozy is probably a good word for it, it’s small, but . . it was never a home, thank goodness😃 Thanks for doing the puzzle Chris!


Looks cosy...😊


I’m happy you like the log cabin, my state of Tennessee has a history of them. That’s so interesting that you and your friends built similar ones in the woods!


Beautiful log cabin.
We built similar ones as young boys in the woods here in the Czech Republic, when we went to the woods on hikes.


I understand :)


Well, that's exactly the way I meant it: it gives a home to history itself, illustrating parts of 'yesterday life' for schook kids. And oh yes, it IS pretty - and was really fun as a puzzle!


Well, it’s a reproduction of an originallog cabin, it’s a small one and has never been lived in . . it’s just for the school kids to come see & learn :) But it really is pretty in the landscape. I have another photo of it in the summer with lovely moss on the roof. It was fun to walk around that day. Thanks for your comment and for working the puzzle!


So it's a home to history! That's good to have. And a warm one, too, if I interpret that stone chimney right! Thanks for a puzzle with added information value 😉!


Pea sounds good, I’ll remember that easily:)

@Teagardener Just call me Pea or "P" for even shorter. Just don't call me "Pee" if you don't mind - that would be kinda yucky!! :D


Very interesting, thanks for telling me about the cabins there :) I love seeing historical sites! Have a great week.

Cades Cove is indeed a historical site, near Townsend. Well worth a visit, first went there in 1977, chatted to a gentleman whose relatives lived in the Cove. Two visits later, things have changed somewhat, cabins have been moved to a central location, such a pity.


We love the stories of Daniel Boone & Davy Crockett! I’ll confess I’ve seen all the reruns of Daniel Boone! The Davy Crockett birthplace is in East TN (wherever the town of Limestone is), we hope to visit it one of these days :) Tennessee is a lonnnng state and that area is breath taking, wow the mountains are unbelievable! Something to look forward to . .
I’m glad you liked the cabin puzzle and thanks for working it :)


A wonderful way to bring history to life. Years ago we stopped at Davy Crockett's birthplace in TN on our way home from FL. The cabin (not really on a mountainside!!! LOL) was quite similar to this one. There were kids fishing in the river and families picnicking. It was an enjoyable side trip! Thanks, Tea!


Hello :)
Yes, usually Christmas Day there is a bit of quiet time to do puzzles . . A perfect day for you to join! What nic name do your Puzzle Buddies call you that’s a bit shorter?

Thank you for the warm welcome! I had been "lurking" and doing puzzles without joining for awhile but finally jumped in on Christmas Day. I am so enjoying doing these puzzles that you all make but I needed to join so I could save my progress, especially on Christmas, when I was sneaking in puzzles in between the days events. Wait, does that make me sound a bit obsessed? I just find doing these so relaxing and fun. And well, you know there is always some down time even on Christmas where everyone gets a bit quiet and doing quiet things, so it was the perfect time to join. And yes, my name is well, um, quite interesting... More like goofy. :)


. . . Thank you Linda :)


HI Tea You find the most interesting photos to put up on Jigidi. What a great idea to build a cabin for children to learn about Tennessee history. We have a few parks here but they get used in the summer for the local merchant farmers to sell their fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, since it is so vast that they store broken trees and branches after a Hurricane or to be broken down for mulch for the city landscape trees. Linda


Sara, I still have 4 or 5 more photos of the cabin, I’ll look again . . I’m curious now :)


Tea - it definitely looks bent. That being said it is probably very authentic to the time.
See you tomorrow. CLB


Hello Canadian Ladybug !
Thank you, I’m glad you and Ianto dropped by:) I see you did pretty good (but Robbos still beat you)! I’ve been looking at the top of the chimney, does it look a little ‘bent’ to you? Maybe it’s just the shadow of the winter trees. Take care and have a nice evening:)


Yes, and it’s well made too! I’m happy you liked it Donna, thank you :)


I don’t live too far from there, but it’s been a while since I’ve been. I’m curious why this reminds you Cades Cove? A historical site around that area? Thank you and I’m glad you worked the puzzle :)


Hello Putem, . . You’re right, it’s a perfect classroom for school kids (I wished I had taken pictures of the other structures!). Field trips weren’t near this much fun when I was that age :) Thanks for doing the puzzle . .


What a cute little cabin. I love the chimney.
Cheers from Sara


I like this a lot! AIt's a perfect place to learn about TN history. TFP

Reminds me of Cades Cove.

Perfect classroom for Tennessee history, starting with how cabins were constructed.


I noticed you joined Jigidi on Christmas Day, welcome!
Your user name is definitely . . authentic :) Thanks for doing the puzzle and your kind words.

Nice little puzzle of what looks like great learning center - so authentic!


Thank you both for your kind comments and for working the puzzle :)

A cozy place to learn


What a wonderful and picturesque classroom!

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