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πŸŒžπŸ¦‹ Little story of insects - No. 2 πŸ¦‹πŸŒž

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No. 2 ... The bee, who flew out of the hive too soon, was looking for a flower on which she could get pollen. The bright color of the butterfly attracted her, and the bee sat on it. I don't know who was more surprised.
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You're right, Dobra, temperatures in Europe are unusually high for this time and they were visibly confusing from it. Hopefully they hid before the strong winds came β™₯:))


Deanna, I think the unusually high temperature in Europe has confused and lured them out.


Yes Suzy, you wrote it nicely, thank you. The butterfly is built in the role of "extras", it must have been a big surprise β™₯:))


Dobra, thank you for stopping by and looking at my little story. It seemed quite interesting to me and also ridiculous how the bee was wrong. I read that the butterfly - Gonepteryx rhamni - is one of the longest living butterflies and normally overwinters. Therefore, it sometimes happens that he flies out of his winter hiding place in early spring when a sunny day arrives. The bee made the same mistake, so they met in one place on a dry leaf. It was probably a disappointment for the bee when it did not find pollen and a surprise for the butterfly when suddenly had such a load on his wing. I've also seen a butterfly and even bees and various flies this year, which is unusual at this time β™₯:))


The butterfly now becomes a "supporting character" in this vignette.


This is a wonderful coincidence - a confused bee on a butterfly!
I also met a butterfly this year.

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