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Cannabis under the microsocope.

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This may have been colorized
This is correct. The SEM uses electrons to "see" things because the wavelength of electrons is much smaller than visible light, so electrons can resolve smaller features.

Since our eyes see using reflected visible light, the "color" of a surface means nothing to an electron microscope. The image may have been in black and white-

l posted this picture because l found it pretty and interesting-
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l am glad you like it, Donna-l too found it so interesting ,as did a few other people-

l agree it has an element of creepiness, Betty- That's part of the attraction l think-


Not only fascinating and colorful but creepy too.




Thank you for your comment-

magarrett and beeld


Very interesting picture!



LDMOCK- Love the comment- Jean

riverland - makes perfect sense - maybe ingesting it would make it easier to understand, or at least you would THINK you understood! ;-)


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Electron microscopes only produce black and white pics I think so, yes I agree, colorised (beautifully). As for the explanation: I can't improve on what you said. Perhaps if I ingested some of it...



Good morning my friend-
l like this image for the colors and texture- l don't understand the physics-
Would it interest you to put it into understandable English? If not, that's okay, l'll post as is-

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