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Big snow

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Sunday night we got 14 inches of snow. They got 16.8 at Metro airport 8 miles away. This was the third largest snow fall in the Detroit area history. Finally got the drive way cleared after an hour of snow blowing. Glad I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
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Warbler, the placement of certain words in a sentence can be hilarious. Warbs, I wish I could send you some snow.
We all love Nicky.


Nicky , it was great , I'm like warbler, my sides still hurt too.


Boy I wish it would snow at my house so I would get a comment like that, Nicky! My side still hurts from laughing. :)


Thanks, guys - I'm still blushing!


Neville , I split a gut laughing. It was an innocent comment on Nicky's part, then she realized what she said . Yes we indeed love Nicky. Jim.


Florri , I laughed so hard , Nicky's comment was the best I have ever seen on jigidi.


Hahahaha , Nicky I love it , you made Florrie's and my day too. 14 inches , kind of makes me feel inadequate. Jim


Oh my! I've just realised what I've typed and am blushing but will leave it on as didn't intend any rudery! Sorry!


Oh my! Jim, you certainly got more than I did! I can't think what it would be like to get 14 inches in one night.


Floyd , burr , that's cold - 28C is - 18 F, the coldest day here last year was -11 F (-24 C)
I remember the first snow blower we bought , I don't think it snowed for three years. I kept wishing for snow , we would just get a dusting each time and could use a broom to clean it up.


Florrie, A snow blower makes it easy , I like to shovel it if its only a few inches. Its so peaceful and quiet early in the morning.


I like the solor light idea! I also LOVE the idea of 72°, I'd be in heaven with that temperature!!!


lyndee, I remember walking to school 2 miles in the snow , now they don't have school if it snows only a few inches. Kids are spoiled now days.


Thanks smllpkg, but there's some ice under the snow , we need som sun to melt it down to the cement.


BK , I talked to Janet in Australia and she said she was freezing, it was 72 degrees , They're used to 101 degrees all the time.
That round thing on top of the flag pole is a solar light to shine down on the flag at night.


Got a couple inches more than we did....anything over five inches and I stay home!


Snow woes. We don't have as much snow this winter and a last couple of years.
But maybe my new snow blowers helped.
Our temp this morning is -28C plus wind chill.
Thanks Jim.


You did a nice neat job of it!


I like seeing your flag flying.
BTW I would consider 32°F a heat wave right now.


, Really not that cold Neville, its actually 0 C right now (32 F) Your welcome anytime , summer would be better though. No frozen rain then.


Eva, worse we have had in 12 years. It is nice to have a powerful machine. Jim

Eva , horší jsme měli za 12 let. Je hezké mít silný stroj Jim


Janet 4 wheel is a must if you don't want to get stuck. I helped a few people get unstuck. Hugs back dear friend. Jim

Tolik sněhu u nás bylo v roce 2012. Jim, je dobře, že máte tak silné auto.

So much snow here was in 2012. Jim, it is good to have such a powerful car.


Another one of your snow pics Jim. Yes, just as well you have a four wheel drive vehicle. I couldn't imagine how it would be to drive in the snow! Thanks and hugs dear friend. Janet

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