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View from Mother Cabrini Shrine

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12 pieces
72 solves
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  1. stephen0:11
  2. like921150:12
  3. Robbos0:13
  4. iwalkden19630:13
  5. chickiemama0:14
  6. lyndee0:14
  7. treker0:15
  8. Tidewater0:16
  9. wilddog0:16
  10. ebkrueg0:16


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you are both champs in my page! haha


lyndee, you are faster than I am 90% of the time. I had to rework them a few times to get higher just to kid around with you. You are the champ.


Thanks lyndee, looks like you both got the same score!


Nice picture Deb. Don't worry chickie, you are definitely faster than I am when it comes to puzzles!
If I can stay somewhere on the top ten, I'm doing good.


LOL I love it...oh ..and the puzzle was PH's...DUH, not yours, I was just excited to finally make someone's board! haha


lyndee will come along. I will not challenge her. teehee


Thanks CM! I see you are still very fast! haha


Very simple and pretty. Thanks deb.

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