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Butterfly Beauty. Larger.

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I found this beautiful intact but dead butterfly on the lawn. I lay her onto my compost hay to take a photo and she blew over and I realized her underneath was even prettier. I'm pretty sure she is a Australian Tailed Emperor Butterfly and apparently quite rare. I have certainly never seen one before. They like warm climates.
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  1. alias2v2:24
  2. davitai2:37
  3. dize52:47
  4. albertwinestein2:58
  5. Hornxy3:08
  6. krathburn13:17
  7. Pekaji3:23
  8. Jaklien4:13
  9. elaine954:17
  10. Barbara384:24


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Thanks Jaklien, just one butterfly, front and back. So different too! Hugs to you. ♥


What exceptionally beautiful butterflies, never seen them before! Thank you for allowing me/us to enjoy them ♥


Thanks Taisia, just one butterfly, front and back. Hugs ♥♥


Janet, it is a great photo catch🦋. Too bad they are dead.


Thanks Diane, with hugs and stay dry Nev.


Dize, well done here: take a bow, young lady.
Yes, more rain yet again. The lawn was just drying out nicely, but is now 'squelchy' once more. I'm pleased our lawnmower fellow came last Sunday when he had a chance.
Interestingly, looking at our Sydney weather map just minutes ago, some areas have had a lot more rain than we have today, and that is why you've probably seen reports of local flooding. It is not widespread, and the heaviest falls seem to be along the coastal fringe (we live about 30kms. inland). There are some low-lying areas out this way that have copped it too, but our home is parked high on a hill and we never have any fear of flooding here. With umbrella in hand I've just been down the front to our letterbox, and had a quick look at the rain gauge on the way back. 160pts. (1.6") today which is much less than our northern suburbs which, according to the weather map, are up to 72mms. already (nearly 3"). ♥♥♥


Quite close today, Nev. I see on the news you are being flooded out again!


Nev, I have never seen one like this before either and we have a lot of butterflies. Hugs my friend. ♥♥♥


Dize, surprised myself today on top of the pile (so far). And here I thought I was doing my snail-impersonation!! :-))) ♥♥♥


Janet, I don't believe I've seen one like this before, around here. As you say, probably more suited to your warmer climate. ♥♥♥


Thanks so much 4felines. Cheers, Janet.


@jan42ful, exciting find and a beautiful species! Thank you for providing the information. It is helpful.

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