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Cuban Tody
Latin name: Todus multicolor
Unique beautiful feature: Multicolored plumage
Where they are found: Cuba and outlying islands
Size: Length: 3.9 to 4.3 inches (11 cm); Weight: 0.151 to 0.299 ounces (4.3 to 8.5 g)
Diet: Insects, fruits, spiders, and lizards
The little Cuban tody is so pretty and colorful that it looks like it popped out of a Kinder Surprise.
Commonly found in Cuba and surrounding smaller islands, this tody is so small that it could fit in the palm of your hand.
As its Latin name suggests, it is a multicolored bird with a vibrant green head, wings and tail, white underparts, pink flanks, a red throat, and blue patches on each side of the neck.
The bird’s broad, flat bill is red on the bottom and black on top. Both male and female look alike.
Often seen in pairs, this species loves to live in thickets, woodlands and evergreen forests nearby streams and waters where its multicolors blend in with local flowers.

When perched, this tody repeats a “tot-tot-tot” sound, but its unique call is a musical “pprreeee-pprreeee.” In flight, this bird’s wings make a loud whirring noise.

These monogamous birds love to chase each other in flight during courtship displays and offer food to one another. At the height of the mating ritual, their pink flanks will fluff up and fully inflate.

After mating, both male and female will incubate and feed three to four chicks in a nest that’s been constructed in a tree hollow or embankment tunnel.
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Isn't he a beauty?


So special Jean!


I am looking forward to solving your wonderful bird puzzles up-coming!!!


l am glad l found him- along with a slew of others! l will be posting birds for a while-
Thank you for your enthusiasm as always, Helen-


How lovely! It amazes me the colors that birds can have! And this little guy, the look of his eyes is telling me that the bird feeder is empty!!!! Thanks Jean for finding this guy for us all to enjoy~ (*&*)


My pleasure to introduce you to this little treasure-

sfaith, Donna, mjs-


I enjoyed this puzzle and the information about the Cuba. Thank you for sharing this colorful little bird.


What a little sweetie pie!!!! Looks like a hummer only fatter!!! *lol*

Sweet little bird! Thank you for all the wonderful details about the Cuban Today and for sharing this puzzle with us>


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