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Content Cat

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  1. TIME4ME2:55
  2. sunni133:08
  3. MajaKrol3:09
  4. gracielou3:25
  5. MoJhu3:28
  6. fishingtime3:37
  7. bseffrin3:45
  8. PattyJohnston3:49
  9. loloo124:02
  10. Besty4:04


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Yes, were wrong (ha ha) This is so adorable & I just looked at your others...I love them, and look how many 'solves' you've gotten? ! Look forward to solving more. Thnx again ~ Lori
P.S. "hi Bailey" =^..^= (stole Jeri's cat!)


Cats are such endearing creatures..... just love them..... sweet post! :o)


Thank you, All.
Tinabelle, I can tell the artist is Alex Clark by the red cheeks on all the animals.
Hi Lori! I have a thing for whimsical cats illustrations and saved a lot of them. I use to just look at them to cheer myself up and then thought, "Why not share them?" Wasn't sure anyone else would have my taste but I guess I was wrong. :-)
K8tydid, I think you might have similar taste...I see Suzy's Zoo. I love her animal artwork.
Mecera88, They are always on or in the clean laundry, aren't they?
3BEARSnorchids, nothing better!
Jeribar8, :-)

I love Alex Clarke's animals... This is very cute


♥ Love this ♥ Thank you Vt. ~ Lori (the other one)


Very cute!

Reminds me of my kitty on top of laundry pile.

A basket of warm clean clothes...purrrrrrrrrrrr.



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