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Assortment of gourmet chocolates

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A foodie blogger (whose name I couldn't find) posted a blog about shopping for ​"chocolate in Bruges (aka the Chocolate Capitol of Belgium)."

She went into a shop called The Chocolate Line: "At first I only brought a few pieces of chocolate, because I thought all the names sounded a bit too gimmicky, but after reading about the ingredients in the chocolate I went back for a second time in the same day to buy more... I think it's fair to say that these are gourmet chocolates!"

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I once bought a package of Every Flavor Beans. There were some good ones in there, but there was also earthworm, soap, pepper and ear wax. Nasty.


@Surreal_Heidi THEY,re trick Jelly Bellys whereas there could be say 2 brown ones, but you can't tell if the tasste is chocolate or poo, or 2 green ones that are either lime or snot, white that could be lemon or vinegar, you get the drift.......Disf...ingsgusting


Chilli yes. Onions no.


You mean the Every Flavor Beans?


They may LOOK edible but no thanks.They remind too much of those God awful Harry Potter Jelly Bellys that tasted of Hogwarts beer, vomit, and other such disgusting tastes.


Only the cola looks edible.


I'm glad I don't eat chocolate! :-)) dj


I think I will stick to Swiss...


Very pretty and delicious!


or the most part, they look enjoyable (not the onion or the pepper).

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