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Themes "Fairs, Fun times"

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Keansburg Amusement Park, NJ - USA

New Jersey artist Leonardo Ruggieri was born in Italy and relocated to the United States at an early age.
Most of Leonardo's paintings are about people and urban settings of daily life with some excursions into still life, scenery and exotic masquerades of people. Leonardo works primarily with oils and acrylics. His paintings capture life's most unusual settings and moods with strong realistic passion. They tell stories of everyday life. So if you're looking for a good story, look at Leonardo's paintings, they tell about life.
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LOVED THEM IN MY YOUTH - then I was pretty fearless - definitely not as an adult ☺☺☺


Those music festivals sound like a lot of fun, not that I could possibly last till dawn these days lol


Jill, the Agricultural-Pastoral Show seems to be great fun to every age group. You are lucky to have one like this. Before the appearance of Covid, we had fairs organised by Parishes and during summer especially in the Greek islands open air music festivals offered food and fun lasting from sunset till next day's dawn.


Voronica, thank you for your memories of your visiting Disneyland, amusement parks and an aquarium all of which were quite near your house. I envy you especially about Disneyland. I wish I could visit it once. But when it came to Europe, I was much older and I've lost interest in Disneyland. We didn't have amusement parks in the '70s in Greece but plenty of fairs where kids could play with dodgem cars, shooting specific targets, watch clowns. Somehow amusement parks are related to summer, in Greece. There are some away from Athens, which over water slides and relevant amusements. And for adolescents/adults we have a few Speed ball/paintball activities around.


You are welcome Janet.


2010August. Thank you for your comment.


Hello Laurajane, amusement parks are fun for kids, but like you I wouldn't care to visit one now..I'd rather go for a walk in nature or swim in the sea.


The Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Show is on once a year here and it has amusement attractions with it as well. Great to go to as have all the animals, farm equipment, parades and judging of animals, show jumping, etc as well as the amusement part. Hence suitable for young and old.


An interesting artist thanks Marina. Yes I loved amusement parks when I was young. Hugs my friend, ♥


Marina, they were great entertainment when the kids were small and fun to visit. Too much traffic now, cars and people! Glad I have the memories, Knott's Berry Farm was always my most favorite and Disney Land a close second. I so still enjoy the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, but again, it's a bit of a drive. Thanks for the memories. . . . . Hugs* Voronica~

Wenn wir dort mal vorbei kommen


I have good memories from my times as a kid at amusement parks, but don't really care too much for them now.

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