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Am arranging a 2 day Seminar and have persuaded these guys to attend. They are not related to your snails Barb, but said they don't mind ! (they're ceramic you know so a bit snobbish).

As you are both Co-Trustees Barb and BB I'm sending you two tickets for an all expenses paid trip to the nearest 5 star hotel located near the venue - RSVP ASAP ! (❀ᴗ❀)
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Thanks Iris, always good to see you here. (❀ᴗ❀)


Many smiles! ☺♥☺


Brightie have just done another 3 puzzles, march on over when you can xxx (❀ᴗ❀)


so adorable xxxxxx ♥♥ and i love your imagination ☺☺☺


Glad that you're on your way, Jason, you will enjoy yourself and see here is oad - I'm pretty sure you've both met before. (❀ᴗ❀)

BB you are so right, like the Ents in The Hobbits, they are slow in thought and deed so what if we slow o u r s e l v e s ……. d o w n ….. t o s l o - m o ……. low blood sugar now better eat something !! (❀ᴗ❀)


So cute, bubble. I love it


Thank you for the invitation, Bubble.

I am on my way :-)


OK Bub. I just wanted more time for the dance contest. I know snails are notoriously known for slooooow walks and slooooow talks, but 4 hours each?


BB we want to give all the Members value for money. If you want to present some of the talks and cut them down a bit that's fine. A warning, some of these snails can get a bit rowdy - we don't want to have refund any money if they complain - our profits will vanish up the Swanee ! (❀ᴗ❀)

Juba - you're in, casual wear in the dining room, shells for formal wear only. (❀ᴗ❀)


Lol! Count me in. :-)


How about pre#1: How to cram #'s 1 - 6 into a brief presentation lasting no more than 1 hour?


Barb this is an important event. Order of Talks presented by various authorities on following topics:-
#1 The importance of Slime
#2 Customizing your shell with shellac and moss for coolness
#3 How to tile your roof on a budget with stale Pringles
#4 Line Dancing for Beginners
#5 How to keep your eye stalks dry when pouring.
#6 How to get rid of slugs and other pests.

Let me know if you want anything added to the Agenda, each talk is 4 hours long so plenty of room to expand a theme. (❀ᴗ❀)


Barb, what will be discussed at this seminar? Know matter what, I'll be there!!


Haze you know you're on the VIP list and your two tickets are awaiting you on the Page. (❀ᴗ❀) xxx


Thanks Babe. I adore your puzzles ♥



Dear Jason, an fun invite for you. xx (❀ᴗ❀)


BB you're so funny, they're arriving by first class Frog courier (❀ᴗ❀)

Clive, your reservations are also on the way - for you and your lovely wife (all meal included of course - plus room service.) I had better ask Jason if he'd like to attend. (❀ᴗ❀)


Oh , Bubble two tickets for me LOL!!!


It's a definite YES from me Bub, I'm packed and ready to go. Sounds like an interesting seminar. I anxiously await the arrival of the tickets, I do hope you didn't send them by Snail Mail.


Same to you, Brian - did you say you wanted 8 first class tickets to the Seminar? :-))))


@Bubble Good fun, nice to see you are bringing them out of their shells !
Have a great Friday, cheers from Norfolk England..........B