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laughed myself silly over this one. apologies to australians. love the sharks with frickin' lasers! someone has a sense of humor. surprised they didn't put any wine country on here, oh well.
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SO F U N N Y !


hey there, veruka and foxy! thanks for dropping in for a visit. i love jigidi!


that's hysterical!


LOL... you are funny!


boy do i know that feeling. they say take more b something... now where were we?


That was what they said! Thanks... my memory isn't what it used to be also my memory isn't what it used to be :-)


exciting! some lovely long quartz crystals probably. my mama can rattle on with it, but i am lacking in much geology. although i do love all the pretty stuff, i just know enough to be dangerous. ;)


Yes, we did, Trish. The kind folks at the San Diego Mineral and Gem Society sliced them. They said one of them had a quite rare formation. Elongated crystals, I think they said? You would know with your background :-)


good plan to buy. did you have them sliced open?


I'd want to find that alleged jeweller even now and have him arrested! How can you lose a big blue opal, for heaven's sake!

When we didn't find any geodes at Rockhound SP we bought some. Much easier than traipsing o'er hill and dale :-)


i grew up in a gem and mineral shop in Arlington TX with my rockhound family, was cutting stones when i was 7. our opal dealer gave me his prize opal (well promised me that i could have any one i wanted out of his trays, and i was my mama's daughter. forget the big whites and jellies, i went for this most spectacular blue!) sadly when i was grown, i decided to have it mounted, and the "jeweler" "lost" my .75" long stone. broke my heart. he replaced it with a piece of gray junk. nothing so alive and stunning as mine. i should have had him arrested. now you have me started... foxy, you are fun! good luck with those geodes!


Trish, I was in TX last year. I heard some locals in a restaurant in West TX talking - in English. I counted myself lucky if I could understand one word in fifteen!

Lots of luck finding the black opals :-) I admire your optimism - it's rather like mine looking for geodes in Deming, NM - thought they were lying around in Rockhound State Park just waiting to be picked up :-)


Too right, Gemmie! A drop bear's motto is Carpe Jugulum :-)


Drop bears must be kissing cousins to Winnie the Pooh's jagulars! :DDD


i must say there are major holes in my aussie training. i live in Texas, and years ago, we had a foreign exchange student visit us. a local actually asked her to say something in her native language. that always cracks me up, but there are some terms that are strange territory. budgy, foxy, robbos and fidget, you guys have made my day!

one day i will come to OZ, and see ayers rock, roos, opera, drink lots o wine, and find some nice black opals. i will be sure to eat vegemite to ward off the dang drop bears! you guys can show me around and steer me clear of the dangerous critters. ;)

quantas, here i come!!!


Got a laugh from the puzzle and from the comments -especially Budgy. Thanks for starting my day off on the right foot. Hope to visit your great country some day.


Fair dinkum mate!
I call Australia home.


Drop bears are similar to koalas (even though a koala is not a bear). They drop onto the heads of unsuspecting tourists from low tree branches where they congregate for this express purpose. They latch on to the head and they're hard to shift. They're not man-eaters so they ought not to deter you from visiting Australia. We find that eating Vegemite on a regular basis proves to be a good deterrent.

A budgie is a budgerigar, a colourful bird native to our shores. It is different from a parakeet.
Dinkum means true or genuine. So continues your education of Australian icons.

BTW I live a little east of the stinging jellyfish :-)


OK, you guys got me foxy and budgy (i do know that is a parakeet!), but what the heck is a drop bear foxy, and as my aussie friend says, what in satan's trousers is dinkum??? %)


Wonderful. Stinking hot were I live, underwater were my daughter lives and on fire elsewhere, BUT, we love every bit of it. Don't mind ya laffin mate, its all dinkum.


It's the drop bears that are dangerous, Trish. Koalas are peaceful vegans :-)


and i always thought koalas were kindly dears that ate eucalyptus leaves. Man-eaters huh? who knew?


thanks ulangariver! little did i realize it was australia day yesterday, and i just had to make up for it. glad you enjoyed it.


thanks lydie, i can just see the flyover states and the scorpions in the desert, gun zones, etc. quite a theme they got here. we could go global with this...


This is funny. I'd like to see what they'd do with America

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