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Floral gateway

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Greys Court, Oxfordshire.
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Thank you Patti! ☺


Gorgeous! Thanks Lorna!


G’afternoon Lorna, That’s ok, I knew you were busy and enjoying time with your friend yesterday :) I didn’t expect a reply . . The heat is bad here too. Most of the time, it’s not terrible working under these shade trees, but when the humidity is this high, it’s unbearable. There’s health / weather warnings today, so I’ll do something else besides gardening :) So Elsa doesn’t ‘do’ rain, huh:) My little white buddy that passed away last year, she didn’t like her paws wet, she was funny!
Thanks for explaining ‘pudding’ to me, now I know :)
I’m delighted that you’ll be meeting up with your good friends today, that’s wonderful !! Except for a few neighbor friends in our garden, I haven’t spent time with my friends since . . it’s been a long time.
Well, I haven’t had my 2nd cup or worked any puzzles, so I’ll end this note :) Have a great day!


Good morning Tea. Sorry I didn't reply yesterday. After my friend had left and I had cleared up, the heat meant I wasn't fit for much! But lunch went down well and we had a good long chat. ☺
Pretending to be a professional gardener? I think you are being modest!
The variations in the American and British use of our common language often amuses me; to me, 'pudding' means any sweet food after savoury, regardless of its content!
Today is the last day of the horrible heat, and I have heavy rain and cooler temperatures o look forward to over the weekend. Elsa still won't be happy - she doesn't 'do' rain! I'm seeing more friends today. One of them lives up the road from me and has invited 3 of us who trained with her for lunch. In normal times we'd all meet up 3 or4 times a year , if not more, but we haven't seen each other since February last year!
I hope you have a good day. ☺


Hello Lorna,
Let’s see, it’s the middle of the night there, you’ll notice this later in the morning. I’ve been outside pretending to be a professional gardener :) Uhmm, your Summer Pudding has no pudding in it, but it sounds delicious! I’m more familiar with pudding from a small box that says JELLO in big letters or some women prefer pudding made from scratch, either one has a custard texture. Your friend that’s coming for lunch is in for a real treat!
Yes, I really was craving a quiche, but hated to make a whole one just for me. But when I was reorganizing a few kitchen shelves, I found a few mini round pans. After I go to the store for a few ingredients, I’ll make a much smaller quiche :) I’m thinking about the recipe you described below . . . I’ll see what berries are in the produce section. Thank you for explaining it to me. Have a good, fun day!


I had to chuckle when I saw your question Tea, as I had wondered if it would be familiar to you! It is white bread soaked in the juices of any mixture of summer fruits, with the fruit itself. Traditionally it would be made in a basin and turned out onto a plate. The version I made adds Creme de Cassis to the fruit and a little sugar which is cooked for a few minutes, cooled, chopped mint added and strained. Slices of bread are trimmed of the crust, soaked in the juice, then alternate layers of bread, then fruit are placed in a square dish, ending in a 3rd layer of bread. It is covered in cling film, and a plate weighted down is placed on top in the fridge overnight. The recipe used strawberries and blackberries but as no blackberries were available when I was shopping, I used strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants instead with some thick double cream to serve it with. So now you know! ☺☺☺
Did you make your quiche?


Just a curious question Lorna, what is a summer pudding?


Thanks Pat, yes, it was a good day out. ☺


Good afternoon Tea. I just love the character of cobblestone paths and think that was why I took this photo. Although I am no gardener, I do enjoy seeing other peoples! I've just had a quick gander at Charleston and Savannah, and am very taken with both; they look the kind of places I love to visit. I hope you're having a good day. It is another scorching one here. A friend is coming for lunch tomorrow so I made dessert today, (Summer pudding) but that is pretty much the limit of my activity today, after Elsa's early walk. She's had her hug thank you ☺


Beautiful .. Fun place to visit


Hello Lorna :)
I didn’t notice the cobblestone path till you mentioned it in a comment, that adds to it’s charm! My shade garden path has pea gravel, bordered with stones. The pea gravel works ok, but the stones are constantly shifting from the straight lines I tried so hard to keep them in . . so I gave up on that garden chore :) Cobblestone paths remind me of the neat, charming walkways, driveways and some streets in Charleston, SC and in its sister city, Savannah, GA. These two cities are known for their small, secret gardens if you ever have an extra minute to look online :) Have a good afternoon and give Elsa a hug for me . .


Thanks Putem. I agree with you on the entrance, but I especially liked the cobblestone path through the gateway too.


Ha Tea! (Old Girl my foot!) Nice to see you and yes, coffee and a cream tea would go down very nicely here! ☺


Thank you Heicel, I'm happy you like it! ☺



Ah, wouldn’t this be a sweet entrance for friends coming over for coffee . . in a quiet garden :)
Daydreaming kind of puzzle! Thank you Lorna, it’s a lovely puzzle :)
-Old Girl in TN

What a fabulous foto of a beautiful motive! One can almost smell the intense scent of the flowers! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Jill, it is enticing isn't it!


I'm glad you think so Toku_Floyd! Thanks.


That’s gorgeous, definitely calls out to me to come on in. Thanks Lorna


that is a rather good looking doorway.

Thank you for sharing.


True, I do seem to find pretty gateways appealing Suzy! Ok, onward... ☺


This is not the first "magic garden gateway" you've posted over the years, Lorna. The gateway beckons the visitors to let's go!

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