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Just one of many but we did purchase some.

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In honor of PLG who introduced us to the world famous Pasty we purchase a few from this shop, who they say, makes good ones. Some chicken and some beef sorry could not bring myself to try the veggie ones. Thanks Patti.
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You betcha. AAAA.


So cool!!! Glad you liked them well enough to pick up some more! :) :) :)


Well these Pasties are like apple turnovers but with meat, rutabaga, carrots and eye of gnat I think. They are very good and PLG made them perfectly. Some put Catsup on them while others, very few, use mustard. The little jewels I got were in Munising MI. Way too many Indian names, some are so long they take up an entire sign on a curve. Not making fun but they could come up with a shorter version so I have a chance to spell them correctly. As you know that is one of my better subjects. No Fudge Pumpkin I did not want to lug that up and down the steps to all the waterfalls.


Thanks for the info jyl, I just might have to seek these out..............Wendy

I had to ask someone in the store how it is pronounced and if they knew what pasties with a long A were. LOL We both laughed when she said "yes, I know what pasties are. There is a strip joint not far away."


The question is......what kind of FUDGE did you buy??? :)


Wendy, pasties are known around our part of the world mostly as Cornish pasties. (The "a" is soft, like the "a" in the word "and".) As you probably know, many ethnicities have a food that wraps pastry around a meat product: dumplings, meat pies, etc. This is the Cornish contribution to the world in this genre (the ones I've enjoyed are beef). If you have a favorite deli in your neighbourhood, they will probably have one to sell you. They're worth a try.


A meal in itself. Too bad you didn't try the veggie ones. That's what I would have wanted. Thanks, Richard.


Not sure what a pasty is, but it sounds good. And I love this store. I'm with jsthewillard, where is it? Got a hunch it's not in B.C.!! Wendy

Where is that shop?

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