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“Steven Karl Zoltán Brust (born November 23, 1955) is an American fantasy and science fiction author of Hungarian descent. He is best known for his series of novels about the assassin Vlad Taltos, one of a disdained minority group of humans living on a world called Dragaera. His recent novels also include The Incrementalists (2013) and its sequel The Skill of Our Hands (2017), with co-author Skyler White.

“As a drummer and singer-songwriter, Brust has recorded one solo album and two albums as a member of Cats Laughing. Brust also co-wrote songs on two albums recorded in the mid-1990s by the band Boiled in Lead.” ~ Courtesy of Wikipedia:
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  1. Kaffesoester1:43
  2. Knelia1:47
  3. Abbie1:52
  4. ruddlesgolden1:53
  5. sweetdee1:54
  6. jignjw2:03
  7. Bill_I_Am2:06
  8. e_mar102:15
  9. stunned2:22
  10. Trapper2:40


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This quote.


Marilee, are you referring to Steven Brust or the stag in the photo? ;-)


That's what I thought too, Eddie. If you look at a blow-up the lighting is perfect on the stag.


Now that's what I call stalwart.


I don't know but if it is photoshopped it is a very good job. my opinion only.


Hmm. Thanks, Ron.


Amazing, but I doubt you would get a stag anywhere near a highland cow! So photoshopped for me.


Ron, take a look at this photo:

Some commenters questioned its authenticity. The poster says his sister to the phone. What do you think?


Contradictions, contradictions, contradictions.........that's life.


You're right, Jim. They are like a series of contrasting bullet points assembled into what looks like a paragraph, only with no subject or verb. Still, I understood what he was trying to say. You're welcome, and وعليكم السلام.


Thoughts so true, thoughts difficult to follow. As with most difficulty there is reward. Thanks for sharing with us Bill, peace my friend.

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