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Old Gus

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  1. Thowra6:59
  2. silke7:25
  3. Belle4647:42
  4. presh20207:50
  5. Sagewarrior8:35
  6. sws9:00
  7. Sunpuppy129:18
  8. Gidobear9:54
  9. Elfiend10:14
  10. maja194011:28


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l am amazed- and here l thought l knew dogs!
Mixed breeds are the best- and rescue is the way to go-
So the pause is for the sake of the camera? l envy you- l would love a big dog like this but l am too old to handle it... now stuck with an 10lb or less chuiwawa who is 21 years old, going strong, and no fun at all.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm sure they would boost his ego. LOL He is actually a rescue, of mixed breed, mostly German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. Fortunately for us, as he matured, his mind set moved more to that of a Shepherd and away from the mindset of the Malamute breed. He was a real challenge when he was young. Funnest dog we ever had...Mr. Personallity Plus.

Well Gidobear the care shows- and the breeding- Do you show him? it's a Japanese breed, am l right?l admire dignified, impressive dogs. l'd love to know more about him.

jeanblum you where right - he is the grown up baby 5yrs.later.

l think l goofed- l thought it was the baby grown up- evidently it's the parent of the baby?


Beautiful dog..


Gorgeous dog

so here is the baby all grown up and magnificent l'd love to know about him--

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