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A load of wood! Torsby Forest Museum, Lappland. See comment please!

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  1. anrol2:23
  2. chickiemama2:27
  3. soydebr2:47
  4. stefke3:06
  5. 45sissee3:09
  6. jenny013:14
  7. ringleader3:37
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Is that a real horse? The head looks like a horse but the body looks like an elephant.


They were huuuuuge, Varda, had to be able to pull these enormous loads!! Thanks so very much!!


That's an interesting horse. . . .


Yes, it's incredible, isn't it? Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Such hard, hard work. Thanks Hanne.


We owe so much to our ancestors I think!! If they hadn't worked so hard we hadn't been able to do and get what is possible today!! We have a great poet who once wrote, "What the hand shapes is the trace of spirit!" Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Even today I'm sure I don't half appreciate the effort it takes to provide me with things I think I need. Thanks, Hanne, for reminding me to be more thankful for all I have.


You are SO welcome leet!! Thanks so very much!!

Thank you for your information.


Lots of strength was necessary to endure working in the woods, cutting trees and cutting them into lengths fit for transporting by sledges drawn by horses. First of all they had to walk to the place where the day?s work still stood on their roots. As the cutting was done in winter there might be 1 yard of snow to walk through if the snowplough hadn?t removed the worst layers and when they came to the place of the day they had to dig snow away to come down to the bottom of the trees. Imagine these vast woods covered in deep snow, and you have to force it as fast as possible to make the money of the day. They worked in groups and the members of well working groups knew exactly what they should do on beforehand. The trunks were lying where they had been cut and had to be moved out to the ?road? by horses to the sledge and stacked up so that the horse could pull it to the place where the wood had to be collected to be brought on i.e. a river. Here it was pulled out on the ice where it lay until the ice broke up in spring and the wood was floated downwards. Remember, they had absolutely no instruments or machines to help them, they only had themselves, their muscles and sore backs. Their clothes were rags, they had to work to keep warm and in the heavy winter frost many of them had frostbites that were never treated. They lost an ear or a finger or a toe but had to continue anyway!!

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