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Themes: Horses

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Same day several years ago. Somehow it is contrived that everyone gets at least one ribbon. Here my granddaughter (left) and her best friend, a cousin, pose with their prizes.
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How great they look with their prizes.


Beekay, I've heard the term; now you've turned it into something I really understand! When I was younger than these gals there was a boat across the channel called the Tautog that blew some kind of very loud fog horn each evening at 5 exactly. It was the only time I knew what time it was, but it was also the signal most of the mothers here used to tell their children to get themselves back home to wash up for dinner. The boat's gone now and nothing has replaced it. But kids these days, even here where they really can be "free range", carry their cell phones and get personal calls if they're not home on time.


Do you know there is a name for these happy children now? They are called "free range children". Geesh, in my day it was called "normal children".


Thanks Ardy. Yes, I think it is fun. It's too bad the stable mistress never expanded it to accommodate older children, (10 to 14, say).

Suzy, the cousins aspect is great. It's about the only place left where kids can gather in a pack and roam freely, hardly seeing a parent until they get hungry enough to come home, yet there's always an adult somewhere nearby should any kind of accident occur.

It is, Lunie, even for the older children it's a pretty good motivator.


Good motivation...


It's so nice that the cousins get to spend time together! What sweet young ladies!


She looks as sweet and delightful as her grandmother, Jacki. A fun day. Wise planners to make sure everyone gets at least one ribbon. Thanks.

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