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Lungern, canton of Obwalden, Switzerland

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In Today’s Daily Puzzle, we visit Lungern. A village 750 meters above sea level in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland. The basin in which the village is located is only open to the north. 2,119 people live here (per 2018 count) and get to enjoy the local nature and Lake of Lungern, which we also see in Today’s Puzzle.

Lungern dates back centuries - the first legal proof of Lungern is from 1275.

Do you see the red train in the puzzle? Let’s take a ride on that very train and enjoy the glorious scenery of Lungern and its surroundings ♥
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I liked the video and your puzzle. My husband and I love trains.

Lovely terrain and I don't think it would be that much difference with bad weather. U Digg. D. Choice

Lovely picture, loved the train video great scenery thank you.

I love when we get to take a tour of the area around the puzzle !

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