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Lions - Whistler's Peacock Room

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James Abbott McNeill Whistler
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Thank you Biscottino :)) Beautiful colors


oh darn........and here I was thinking spelling doesn't am such a terrible typer.....mostly I am going backwards to fix


Thanks, Nette.


Great door post! :o)


Thank you, Robin.

Will be posting later this evening, skf. (and I can, usually, spell the word 'found'... typo)


I was just surfing back some and came across is just a beautiful door.......and the peacock room is very opulent to put it patricia.....what a great post.robin

Bless you, biscottino. I can hardly wait!!! Thanks so very much...Skf.


Thank you, Jerry - glad you enjoyed it!


Have always loved the peacock room. My old art history teacher told us that his client was stunned that his leather-walled room was painted. Apparently didn't realize what turning an artist loose could produce! (The details are magnificent.) Thanks for sharing this one!


Foud 3 that will go over 200! You're in luck, skf!


LOL! As soon as I find a pic that has good enough resolution, I will post a 200+ puzzle for you, skf! Promise!

Hi, again, biscottino. Thanks for your response to my request, although, your answer was not what I was hoping to hear. Who knew that "rust" and "decay" could be used to make such fascinating puzzles. My heart is broken...Skf.


Sorry: I was too lazy to research this before posting. I have just found info on it that I hope you will find interesting. See link above. Used to be not far from where I live.

Thank you, Cyndi. Glad you like it.

Love the biscuit, patw, but it used to be in London. Thank you.

Hi skf: occasionally I get asked for larger puzzles. The pictures I post really do not lend themselves to a large number of pieces because they tend not to have many colours/details. They rarely go up to a larger size anyway. When I can post a big puzzle I do (and they never get many solves). If you scroll back, you will find that I have posted some puzzles of 200+; I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by.

Prego, UncaLarry. Grazie a lei! ; -)

Superb image. Molto grazie.

Hi, biscottino. Magnificent puzzles as I combed your Archives. However, I am so disappointed that they have so few pieces. Is it possible to increase the number of pieces (200 or more)? I would love to solve your future posts if you could do so.


I wonder if this picture was taken in Austria. Take a look at this Vienna Finger cookie!


Really like this door. Love the green and gold combination and definitely like the lions. Great find. Thank you ~ Cyndi

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