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Maria Pavlova 1

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Gift of voice and sound. Beautiful image of music.


I'm so glad you love my puzzles...thanks for commenting:)


Thank you so much puzzler 5 for the information you so kindly supplied. I love your puzzles too. Thank you for sharing.


Nederland ligt 9 uur voor op de westkust van Canada.


k slaap vaak niet goed. Gisteravond was ik erg laat wakker, zelfs voor mij. Ik woon aan de westkust van Canada.


Godzijdank kun je ze niet horen zingen! Hebben de koeien een belletje om mee te zingen ?!


Littlefroggy, Iedereen houdt van zingen! Zingt uw huisdier met u mee?


My pleasure, Teaqueen:)

Absolutely love it - thanks for sharing!


I'm so glad you love this painting. I love the cat's expression as he is happily joining in wit h the little girl. I think you may have been the one who introduced me to Maria Pavlova a while ago.


I really like Maria Pavlova paintings, but this is by far my favorite. I kept it as my desktop for awhile, and it always made me smile! You can almost hear the sound! Thanks for bringing back the smile, puzzler! :)

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