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In 1896, rancher John Beveridge established a crossing of the San Saba River just north of town. This is one of two suspension bridges in San Saba county, and is one of only a few pre-1940 suspension bridges remaining in Texas. It was replaced in 2004 by a modern bridge and closed to traffic.
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Oh, I am SO GLAD! Thanks, Trish..............


thanks for your comment annjax. fortunately, the cool thing about small towns is their desire to hang on to their heritage. the road has diverted only a bit with a new modern bridge, but we got to keep this lovely old suspension bridge. there are only a few left, and we are fortunate to have 2, beveridge and regency. i will put up a puzzle of that too.


I'm not in or from Texas but I'm SO glad they have not torn it down, the way so many things are done today. It seems our civilization is becoming, as time goes by, more & more disrespectful and uncaring about our heritage. All they appear to care about is 'gimme, gimme, gimme--now, now, now. If it's in my way just tear it down & get rid of it. We can replace it with something more modern.' And am I wrong, or is it getting worse with each generation? Soon there will be nothing left in our nation of beauty, charm, & grace. Such a pity............


ouch! that is terrible Tex! but this has held up for all that time, with modifications. W came to the closing ceremony. i do remember driving across it, and there was a sharp turn on the north end after the bridge. you had to honk when you were about to get on it, and keep honking til you made it through.

Yes fodus, you can walk across it, i think fish from it, and in the future, i hear that they may have wedding receptions and bands on it. down the lane is the wedding oak that folks traditionally got married under way back to the indians. i didn't know there were indian weddings per se, but that is the legend. i will upload a shot of that. these things were on a brochure i did for the city. i took the pics, so they can't complain. ;)


Can you walk across it?


Too bad. There was a huge bridge in Calvin, Okla. that I would cross when I went to visit my parents, similar to this and the story went around that some old farmer told them when they built it that it wouldn't hold up 20 years and it didn't! One weekend on my way home, traffic was being rerouted, and that bridge had just caved in! Unbelievable, two semi-trucks were totally buried in the river underneath it and some cars!

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