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1953 More Old Chalk (1)

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Mom's art supplies.
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  1. Tzez4:39
  2. janaz4:49
  3. barbfox5:20
  4. LaurieRules5:36
  5. Ianto5:38
  6. jbugs5:39
  7. mwms5:56
  8. DATEETS6:09
  9. nellac6:20
  10. GJDENT6:20


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;-))) Eloise!

Ah, happy memories.


PS Thanks for the history on the chalks, I knew there was something different about them from school chalk. You Explained it well ;)


Hey Dollfriend :) No i never had any dolls from Japan :((. Just tea sets. But I loved my kimonos zoris and tabis!!!! And we had rattan furniture for years and a large round hanging gong in the house for years, LOL. I am fine, I hope the same for you :))



Pastels are made by mixing dry pigment, some chalk, and a binder together to form a thick paste. The paste is fashioned into sticks and allowed to dry. ... Because they are almost pure pigment, pastels produce intense colors that most other media can't match.

Soft pastels, the most commonly used pastel, are made with a combination of white chalk, pigment and gum arabic, which gives it a drier matte finish. ... Oil pastels on the other hand, are similar to oil paints but don't dry out or harden completely. Like oil painting, oil pastels can be worked and thinned.

Busybody me, just had to share.

Barb, hope you are doing well, I just learned something, and
you may have mentioned it before....that you lived in Japan
for 3 years, did your mother buy you dolls while you were
living there, and do you still have them, hope so.

I didn't know that pastels were made from chalk

I like how bright they are but not how they are messy.

I used a yellow pastel this week.


Nice to know, @heathercru these were bought in 1953 Japan where we lived for 3 years. I was 7-9 yrs old but they were Mom's and now I still have them. Thanks for your visit and comment.


Sakura makes wonderful art supplies! :)


Thanks for the visit lobin ;-) I wish I had artistic talent!


I still use them for mixed media art. Beautiful colors:)


I loved Cray-pas, too, Rayna!


Hey there! Ivze been around doing smaller ones. I did a big one last night tho. Funny you say take care of yourself. I'm getting PT on my shoulders, plural, right now. I over did it moving and ripped up some muscles and tendons, been in a lot of pain especially trying to do puzzles. It's getting better. You've made me curious.......hope you feel up to it soon. Stay well! BArb


Hello Bjresh,

Glad to see you are still active on Jigidi, haven't heard from you, for awhile.
I have something to share with you, but I am not up to doing it right now.
Take care of yourself.


@RaynaGrace BTW, I can see you have a love for bright colors. :)) !!


Thanks for the solve RaynaGrace, there are some things that bring good memories of childhood, to each of something different, it can be very personal. Glad I tapped a good memory!


Oh, my, I remember cray-pas and was just asking my husband about them the other day. I LOVED them, the colors were so rich and vibrant and saturated. Everything I created looked so good to my 9 yr old self. My husband had never heard of them.

Thanks for the memories.

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