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An Entrancement* of Doors of Siena 1

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A collage of images form my travel photo archive
Some images may have been puzzled earlier

*Entrancement: A newly minted meaning for an existing word used here to describe a gathering of images of more than four doors. (Thanks, Andrew!)
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  1. JillianB0:50
  2. Brian6660:57
  3. Robbos0:57
  4. TaDah1:02
  5. Deanna1:07
  6. Moih1:08
  7. wshealy1:12
  8. sauvegirl1:19
  9. MikeO1:21
  10. DarylRFuller1:21


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@dhi Thanks.


I think it works very well for your collections.


@JillianB I have to extend thanks to my co-conspirator @Andrew2 with whom I had discussed wanting a word for a gathering of doors...there are many archaic words for groups of various animals like a murder of crows, an exaltation of larks, a knot of toads, etc. ...and he proposed Entrancement...perfect. Not sure others noted the new meaning for an old word. Glad you liked it on its inaugural flight!


I love the new word! Excellent. These doors have such wonderfully individual characters, love the warmth of door 5 Thanks @jerrys


Thanks, kids.
@dhi @Brian666


They are all wonderful, thanks, as always, for sharing your travels.
Stay well.


@jerrys Another fine selection box Sir Jerry, today I am drawn to number one ! ......B


@dhi The individuality is what attracts me to them. I had never before (or since) seen a brick "awning" as on the middle one. Pleased that they pique your interest. Stay safe and well.


Love the arches over doors 1 &2, the filgree look and the second is one I don't recall having seen before.


@Andrew2 Don't call the bank courier just yet. ;-}}


I am on tip toes with anticipation.


@Andrew2 Be sure to stand (eagerly) at the postbox for the royalty checks. Anticipation is EVERYTHING, Laddie!


Thanks Jerry for the doors and for the mention, I wonder if that gives me some kind of copyright as a wordsmith!

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