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Kansas Fox

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I walked downstairs and saw this beauty in our backyard.
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  1. Ianto1:51
  2. dobrajaneckova2:34
  3. hadzi2:35
  4. schutkleur2:37
  5. bobsim732:42
  6. Elaice2:43
  7. tilt2:57
  8. Atsutsa3:00
  9. canalview3:06
  10. bluebird423:13


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And it IS a beauty, Marilyn. Thanks for sending me the link.


@bluebird42 @cundiffre6 @beyondwords @bowlakeboy
Thank you all for your kind and wonderful comments. I made sure to clean the windows so if she returns some morning I will be ready.


Fabulous shot, Marilyn. WOW.


This is a great meeting!

Great shot! Good quartet of photos. Nice that his/her head is in the sun. I can't imagine seeing a fox up close, even through your window.

We had a fox that liked to play with our dogs. The fox would run up and down the outside of our fence, and our dogs would run on the inside of the fence. The foxes in our neighborhood are friendly.


A fabulous quartet, Marilyn. Thank you. I did the first one thinking it was the only one, then finding another and another. Love seeing the eyes open in this one! Thanks. Usually we have a fox that comes around from time to time, but I haven't seen one this year, so this series is a real treat!


@schutkleur I was told there were but catching a photo of one is special. I took it through my kitchen window. This time I did not get so excited I forgot how to use my camera as I did with the Pileated Woodpecker.


You lucky you!!!! It indeed is a beauty! And you took a great photo!
Did you know there were foxes in your (new) neighborhood?

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