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Sheltering from the rain in the birdfeeder.
He or she was asleep until I brought breakfast in bed :))
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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  1. Warehouse0:56
  2. RobMuijt1:07
  3. SamSammy1:12
  4. gam5001:19
  5. Robson1:22
  6. ian19481:25
  7. hadzi1:27
  8. Anjal1:28
  9. marunka2771:34
  10. sasa661:35


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My pleasure Pam. It was so very special to see the little bird taking a nap! :)))


Thank you for sharing, Yvonne! ♥☺︎♥


Yes, very special I felt Faye. Loved that the little bird was asleep and took shelter against the rain. I know they use our bird houses in winter on cold nights but had never seen one stay in the feeder. Gave him/her breakfast in bed but the bird didn't stay after that. Those Hummingbirds must be so special. I have seen one only once! They must love visiting you because they keep coming back to you! So special! Enjoy your day. ♥♥♥


Awawawawaw! Don't you feel special when they visit you? We have three hummingbirds that we always rejoice seeing and announce to one another when we see one. 💙😊💙


♥ Hi Ardy, happy you enjoyed this one. Thought so because you like birds so much. And you are right, it is a Blue Tit. I think it was a very young bird when I look at the feathers. He/she was fast asleep inside the bird feeder and I went over to put food in the feeder and saw him. And he/she woke up. Stayed for a little while longer and then went off. I was so pleased when I saw the bird. Also have a picture while he/she is still asleep but it is a bit blurry. Thought so too, such a sweet photo. ♥♥♥


Beautiful, Yvonne. I don't know your European birds but it looks like a picture I have of a blue tit. Sweet photo. Thank you. 💙💛💙

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