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Gazania in my pergola planter

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This was a 2019 birthday present from my best friend and they're still doing wonderful.
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  1. tigrismortem3:04
  2. cornerpiece3:26
  3. Mdetour3:49
  4. Syke3:58
  5. Impie4:16
  6. hallby4:22
  7. babray4:23
  8. fihini4:23
  10. Lynetteoz4:43


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It all sounds wonderful, Nancy, though I'll give it a miss. I haven't had ice cream for ages and (since 1977) I don't drink soda or any carbonated drink, but I'm glad you treated yourself and enjoyed your Ella said: "Way to go Nancy!":-)))


Exactly, Ella!! :DD


Way to go Nancy!! Nothing better than a rootbeer float! Now, a new invention, the creamsicle float! :-D What could be more perfect on such a hot day?


:-DD, Impie. Had to run a quick errand earlier, so stopped at the grocery on the way home. They were out of creamsicles or sherbet/vanilla ice cream combo, so I followed Nan's suggestion: vanilla ice cream and Fanta. YUM!
Full disclosure: I also picked up root beer. ;-PP I don't usually drink soda, so this is quite a treat. The smaller cans are great, so you can make a small float. :D


You ladies know your "sweet stuff" don't you? LOL
I love it :))


Nan, those sound sooo good! Thanks for the suggestions! :D


instead of a classic root beer float, try vanilla ice cream in orange Fanta! For an adult version, add whipped cream vodka.


Ohhh dear! Nancy, I should not have looked 'cause now I really want some. ☺☺☺


Thanks Nancy, I shall take a peek online and am already drooling. ♥♥♥


@Pammi - creamsicles are a combination of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet....absolutely scrummy. The classic version is on a stick, vanilla ice cream surrounded by orange sherbet. Some ice cream brands have created that combo for their container ice cream available at the grocery. If you put 'creamsicle' in your search browser, there should be lots of images to tease your tastebuds. Much to my dismay, I couldn't find any at the grocery the other day!

LOL Impie! ;-)))



Creamsicles? Nancy is that like an ice cream or ice block or maybe something even better?


Whoa....Steady on, Nancy....:-))))

Thank you, Pammi. Yes, they are amazing and after they survived winter 2019/2020 they keep giving new buds and flowers. A couple of weeks my best friend was here with her neighbour who wanted to see my garden and it was well planned,,,,all my Gazanias were outdoing themselves! ☺♥☺♥


This is a beautiful Gazania, Impie. The colouring of orange through to yellow is so eye-catching. ☺♥☺♥


Tangerine dream....or sunshine I'm craving creamsicles. ;-PP


Why thank you, Faye, Anne, lurdo, Nan, tisketsmum, GG, Ella, Patsy, Lia, Lynetteoz and Betty, for your nice comments and compliments to my photograph....*blush* :-))

Wonderful color!


So bright and colourful - this gazania is gorgeous Impie :-)


Lovely picture and I like the name too!

Beautiful present from a beautiful friend!


A real star! Beautiful!


Such a gorgeous flower, and great photo. I feel as though I could reach out and touch it, the picture is so clear.


Every time you say "gazania" I think you're sneezing :-)))


love the illusion of a crown in the center. The Gazanias always seem to have something special around the center. Maybe the love of your friend?

Your Best Friend gave You this Beautiful flower and as You say it´s still here. That means that friendshilp is Forever


Looking at a yellow flower before going to bed is a always nice...and this one is really beautiful! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Floral sunshine!


Love these! ❤️❤️❤️

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