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  1. jasonchung5:12
  2. marco22866:06
  3. irisriver6:12
  4. chris496:13
  5. urte6:35
  6. mikies6:41
  7. Karen96:46
  8. sillysally7:20
  9. Macksr17:45
  10. dianal06197:51


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Hi, Virginia. I looked up Snowy Owls on my "search engine" and found the following:
"Snowy owls live in polar regions, and they breed in Canada, coastal Alaska and Greenland. In winter, they may be found as far south as Oklahoma, central California and northern Alabama."
I hope this helps. I see you live in Maine and I have always wanted to visit Maine and go "Whale Watching." I love whales and had hoped to make a trip up the East Coast ending up in Maine but it is not possible now yet I do love seeing pictures of Maine and whales. :-)) Good to hear from you again and thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a very nice day.

Does anyone know where this beautiful Owl lives? So very pretty. I have only seen Owls in pictures or on TV. I would so enjoy seeing one alive in a scene like this. I live in MA, USA. Thank You.


Thanks, Trekscifi. I thought it was an amazing and beautiful Owl. Glad you stopped by to check him out. :-)

Great light on this guy!


Thanks for stopping by, PuzzleG and I'm glad you enjoyed this beautiful Owl.


So pretty, thank you! :-D


Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, my friend. See you later. :-)


9:25~ A great puzzle of a beautiful snow owl Donna. Again many thanks.♥♥


Glad you stopped by Ginger and I hope you enjoy solving the puzzle when you have time, my friend. Sometimes we just have to run here or there and wait until the next day to finish up our puzzles. :-)) Thanks for your nice comment. See you later.
Good to see you dropped in, Marian. Yes, the Snow Owl is a beautiful bird and I, like you, am constantly amazed at the way they turn their heads that way. Thanks for your comment and I will see you later also, my friend. :-))


The Snow Owl is such a beautiful bird...I'm always amazed how easily owls move their heads in all directions....nice image thanks Donna... :)


Unexpected events called me away and back late tonight so marked this for tomorrow my dear friend. And yes he is beautiful Donna! xx♥♥


Thank you, irisriver, for stopping by and commenting on this beautiful Owl. He just looks so handsome sitting there and so soft. I think Owls are beautiful too.


Awesome! I have seen one of these beautiful creatures twice! Grins and smiles!☺♥☺


Hey Ginger, I hope you like this one. Isn't he beautiful? Ginger is an Owl person, I know, but there has to be many more out there like me, who loves them too. Enjoy!

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