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A beautiful surprise sat on the edge of the birdbath just before dusk last evening…I looked it up and he is such a beauty and glad to find a better picture to really show him off
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Marina, the same here. It was his bright color that got my intention at the birdbath❣️
Thanks Marina❣️🌸❣️


A very pretty bird, love its bright yellow color.


Janet, you are most welcome and Thank You❣️

I’ve been praying for you since your comment of being unwell and I’m very sorry there is more illness in your family this year. I understand how and when you are not well and it’s ok if you don’t solve as much as you love Findus💕💕

Soft hot hugs dear friend❣️🌸❣️


How beautiful thanks Eva. hugs♥♥


Val, Thanks to the red head I grabbed the iPad and my regular camera and got many pictures to no use..He sat there for the longest time and it was a joy to watch him❣️
Thanks Val and Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Ardy, I was thrilled when I found out it wasn’t one of the Orioles because of the red head😊 Thanks dear and Hugs my friend❤️❤️


Patti, Thank You❤️❤️


Jill, I was blessed by finding the close up picture when I looked for the identification and what a beauty ❣️ Thanks Jill❤️❤️ I posted 4 collages of Findus today because there won’t be any Monday😺


Dobra, it sure was😊 The red on the face got my attention ❣️ Thanks Dobra❤️❤️


Thanks Patsy❣️


Wow Eva he is beautiful so lucky you managed to get a photo, thank you my friend Hugs ♥♥♥


What a delightful and beautiful surprise, Eva. How nice of it to drop by. Thanks for sharing it. Hugs my friend♥♥




What a lovely guest, thanks for the close up picture as well Eva


This is a very nice visit. Thanks for showing her to us. :-)



Beautiful bird

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