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Nope, no snow to shovel here

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Taken just outside of Yuma AZ
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  1. pumpkinhead0:32
  2. glenestele0:33
  3. nosnow_here0:36
  4. wjl10150:37
  5. Ianto0:38
  6. cappy0:38
  7. shelby490:38
  8. kbr0:41
  9. donsuper80:41
  10. mapletree0:42


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Thanks Rettch, I am enjoying the both of them... getting to really enjoy the desert, rugged but peaceful...


The best of two worlds, COden--desert in the winter and mountains in the summer--sounds like the way to live.


Thanks PLG, it is nice. Really enjoy just wandering around in the desert and the warmth. Do have to be careful not to go home too soon, last year returned on about April 10 and arrived in time for two more snow storms...


Wow, pumpkinhead that was quick, that's a great snow removal department in that town. Not going home any time soon, probably wait until mid to late April unless something comes up.


This sure looks nice!!! Don't go home tooooo soon. :)


Actually, we were all cleared out yesterday! LOL! Roads were clear (the state and local plow drivers are amazing) , driveway blown out by a neighbor 2 times (he was given a case of good beer today), car cleared off, and we were good to go. It's above freezing, so things are melting slowly.

You heading home soon? :)


Wow, you are #1, 39.3 inches, I have seen some big ones but this is just huge. You two could be stuck for some time, might as well sit back and enjoy it....


We're #1!


Wow, that's a lot of snow, and still more to come. Be careful with that shovel, that's a bunch. The older I get its not so much the snow its that cold that gets to me...


Not sure how much snow we've had yet (still in a warning until 3 AM)....but a neighboring community has had 32 inches. We are less than that, but well over 20 inches.


Yuma(st) be missing the snow!!!
Great photo, by the way :)

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