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I carved this out all by myself.

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  1. evielou0:11
  2. PebUCLA0:11
  3. Dilubreuer0:11
  4. Syke0:12
  5. PB6000:13
  6. Watchman0:13
  7. gaiagirl0:13
  8. mariolyn0:14
  9. Minibank0:14
  10. maziz0:14


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If it isn't, it should be, Wendy. :)


Escape artist. Wonder if his name is Houdini??? ..........Wendy


Many thanks for the kind comment!

I know you like to joke around but you are also very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. That's a compliment, btw. :)


YO, you know better. I make most of this up just to see if anyone is actually reading the comments. It's all in good fun, as I'm sure you know.

True enough. You must read a lot or see a lot of movies. :)


And notice that Andy's boat was painted ecru, just like the prison walls (which are BLATANTLY awash in subtle shades of magenta sunlight).

Still can see that last scene of the movie. :)


Andy Dufresne would just make him a deck hand.

Doubt he would enjoy the beach there. :)


The cat is trying to figure out how to take the next bus to Zihuatanejo. Very introspective kitty.

"I guess it comes down a simple choice: Get busy living, or get busy dying."

Thanks, Val. The colors are great. :)

Hahaha, PD. The wine comment was great. Sorry to laugh at your expense, Max. :)

Perfect to a Tee, PWH. :)


It got a hole in one - without even golfing.


Had a little wine with din-din, Max?


If you look even more closely, you can see Morgan Freeman's boot just to the kitty's left.


This was Shawshank at sunset. The walls are actually ecru.


Nah. Shawshank wasn't painted lilac.


More likely 'out'. If you look closely, you can tell this is Shawshank Prison.


Wow! That kitty must have wanted IN in a big way!


The cat looks very relaxed, otherwise I would think it had been trapped and someone dug it out interesting puzzle YO☺

Looks like the cat is sitting on the ground on the other side of the wall. Could be photoshopped. :)

Probably an outdoor cat, Mazuri. They need all the hidey holes they can find. :)

VERY clever, mariolyn, as I don't see any tools to help dig the opening. :)


Clever cat.

I think it’s a hidey kitten loves little spaces she can peek out of.


Probably some undeserved punishment.

Thanks, Max. Wonder why the poor little guy is in there in the first place. :)


That's a great photo! Looks like a greeting card.

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